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I have been a guest here many, many times for work dinners, lunches with friends, and also used to be a member here as a child. It is not considerably one of the nicest clubs in Kansas City by any stretch. I have been to Hallbrook, Leawood South, etc. but at Oakwood, there is something about it that just isn't the same. The golf course is pretty good, the pools are okay, but a little dirty, the poolside food court isn't very good. It is just microwaved and given to you, sometimes still partly frozen. Also, Oakwood is very old and has that old smell, which just makes it plain old creepy. The women's and girls locker rooms (especially girls) are practically falling apart. The lockers in the girls are rusting and unhinging; and in the women's, the toilet stall doors are broken and toilet seats unattached. The floors in the bathrooms are lopsided too. There are just so many problems that they need to fix and haven't in probably 50-100 years! This place has been opened since the 1800's, but it doesn't need to look/ feel/ smell that way.

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Professional care and maintenance from tee to pin. You want some of the best greens in KC, look no further. Greens are especially tricky as lies are subtle, but play havoc on the unsuspecting short game. From driver to putter, the course management makes sure you stay on your toes with an exciting 18.

Afterward, enjoy the bar as the service and staff are friendly, courteous, and make you feel at home.

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Oakwood Country Club has the best, old clubhouse in the city.  Drive by one day and you'll think you stumbled across an old castle in England. It is really quite fantastic!  

I have many friends and colleagues who are members here so I play the course several times a year.  The course is well manicured and quite challenging due to the rolling hills and mature trees.  Some of the trees on the course are over 100 years old.

The clubhouse and swimming pool are starting to show their age but I still find the grounds of the club to be breathtaking.  I always show up early before my tee time to take a stroll around the club.

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This is NOT a review as a member or a golfer. I have not golfed here, as the only part of golf I know how to do is the walking part. ;)

I have been here on a couple of occasions as a member's guest. They have several pools that appear to be divided by age and intention of swimming. As a former swimmer, I appreciated that they had starting blocks and lanes reserved for swimming laps. However, it would be nice if they update their lane lines to something that actually cuts the wake of the diving board and other swimmers. The locker room facilities are spacious and nice, with amenities like fresh water, towels, etc. There was plenty of deck space and lots of chairs/loungers.

Recently went here for dinner and drinks with a large party, including a toddler. I was pleasantly surprised. First, the club was very kid friendly and didn't appear to mind the antics of a 2 year old. The pours at the bar were huge. Although the restaurant menu is limited, they offered items ranging from $9-$69 ($69 was a dinner for two item). I ordered the KC strip dinner. For $31 you get a 12 oz strip, soup or salad, two sides, and a sauce (Bearnaise, hollandaise, etc.), which I thought was a pretty great price. My steak was delicious with a nice grid grill pattern. The sweet potato fries were actually pretty delicious as was the Matzo ball soup, and cauliflower almond-something. I did not expect much of the desserts, and anticipated they would be those frozen desserts that are mass shipped to restaurants. Much to my surprise, they appeared to be house made and most were delicious. As the server warned, the grasshopper was a total miss, but the cherry pie and almond cheesecake were absolute hits.

*All in all, I've had good experiences here. There are nice amenities/facilities. Good, yet relaxed, service. And no pretentious country club attitudes...just relaxed, casual friendliness.

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