Oaks Golf Course

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Note: I was here for a holiday party so this is only a review for the service and food in the clubhouse.

Service - 4 stars. The people were all very friendly and attentive. The bartenders were great and knew their drinks (albeit you only needed a few, they were poured very strong).

The clubhouse itself is also very nice. It was still decorated for the holidays and was very clean.

Food - 2 stars. We started the meal with a salad, which was fresh and the dressings good. Then we had a choice between fish, pork and chicken. Not much description was given about each so I was fairly surprised when the pork arrived in front if me and was breaded. The meat itself was tender and decently yummy. But it was covered in a thick apply-fruity-not sure what it was sauce. The mashed potatoes were also a weird consistency and the green beans tasted like they had been soaked in butter. Overall, not very impressive.

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Wonderful golf course! I've been playing here since it opened up in 2003. At first it was a little rough around the edges but has grown to be a real enjoyable & challenging course. It has a balanced combination of big hills, winding fairways, deep bunkers, undulated greens and challenging pin placements. The grounds are maintained pretty well considering all the water around.

Staff is friendly, courteous & helpful. Especially the ladies. LOL!

Price to play is affordable considering the many courses surrounding Madison & its amenities (see below). Average round in 2010 w/ golf cart was around $48 (Peak).

Only small gripe would be the noise from the I94 freeway. Doesn't effect my already crappy golf game though.

Amenities: GPS assisted golf carts, driving range, teaching & fitting center, big dining area, full kitchen, full bar, outside deck that overlooks #7's par 3 green, full beverage carts & attractive cart girls. Uh, are cart girls amenities? I think so.

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