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Been here for a Christmas brunch and it's quite good.

Apparently the location has been spruced up recently, but I still think it needs to get with the times...

I'm not a golfer so I wouldn't know what to tell you about the quality of the green and such golfery.

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Lovely location with golf course view. Half the staff isn't friendly; older, just doing their jobs, without a smile. Cocktail server had no smile or personality, not even a "thank you" once tipped. And payment  was requested upfront (verses when he delivered the drink). There was no "please".

Two appetizer stations were a nice presentation but ignored. Once the small plates were used up, guests had to resort to using cocktail napkins & toothpicks. Many stood around the appetizer station dipping their used toothpicks back and forth from the appetizers straight into their mouths.

Dirty plates & glasses EVERYWHERE. This is how it was for 1 1/2 hours.  One bartender wasn't fluent in English and used that as an excuse to not assist us with a question.

Dinner was "good" as in a step above typical banquet food but not up to par for a country club. NOT gourmet in flavor, ingredients or presentation. Food was just plopped on the plates. Marie Callendar's serves better food. They offer pasta as a vegetarian option. Nothing special.

Excellent valet; fast, friendly and personable - maybe because they're the youngest staff there? Once tipped, they thanked us a smile and wished us a pleasant evening. The staff in the country club was not personable like this.

Events are probably booked here for the view, not the food or service. It felt like the Holiday Inn on a golf course. Pity.

UPDATE: My boyfriend got either a stomach virus or food poisoning an hour after leaving this venue. It could be a coincidence as no one else we knew that attended had any stomach issues. His banquet dinner plate was different from most of ours being vegetarian, so except for this dinner, we ate the same foods the day before, that day and the day afterwards and my stomach was fine. Unfortunately, he suffered for a week with a very painful visit to the emergency room.

I'd happily attend another event here as a guest but would NEVER pay to host one here.

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Went golfing here.  Just kidding..I don't golf.  It was a baby shower.

We sat in the outside patio and the scenary was beautiful.  There was a nice breeze and everything was breathtaking.  Let's break it down:

As good as it can get from older staff.  You just need to remember to speak a bit louder to et their attention, but by george, do they deliver.  Brought out the mimosas and champagne and brought us a big ol' shade when we asked for it.

It was during their Sunday brunch so they had a nice layout of breakfast - crepes, omelets, sausage, bacon, toast, nutella, hash browns.  A second table was set up for salads and vegetables and fruit.  A third table contained desserts.  Food was a bit sub par and I had higher expectations of a country club, but I can see the regular members absolutely adored the food.  They sure do know their audience!

It feels very "country club"ish as in.. feels old and stuffy, but again, that's what I would expect from such a place, so in conclusion, I guess you can say they met my expectations.  

Sucks..limited parking.  There was a sign out front "Complimentary Valet" so I kindda stuck around for a minute or two and didn't see anyone coming by, so I proceeded to park myself (the thought! sheesh!)

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Our office had our last Christmas party at the Oakmont Country Club and it was the best one I have attended yet.  The brunch was delicious and the staff was courteous and helpful. I recommend the omelettes which they make right in front of you. We were in our own private area overlooking the golf course.  It was beautiful and so serene.  I highly recommend this Country Club for your events!  

I believe you have to be sponsored by a Club member to book a table/space which is what we did.

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Although I am not a member here, I have attended several functions at this country club.

The setting and the golf course are supreme, When I was there several months ago, I was able to see the sun rise over the San Grigornio mountains to light up the dew filled golf course, it was heavenly!!

The parties I attended there had some challenges, but the staff headed by Don Myers, Food and Beverage manager held it together so nicely that everything went seamlessly  and without a hitch.

The food is a notch or several notches above country club food and the bartenders are really really good. There is one main banquet hall that can be splint into three parts, then there is the new re-furbished bar as you enter the front door, there are several rooms to the right of the entrance as well.

Overall a great place to hold a party. I don't know what the membership fees are, but if I could, I would join in a heart beat.

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