Oakhurst Golf Club

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Great condition as always. Great staff and very reasonable prices. Keep water on course and I say it's better than Kingwood Country Club by a mile. Carts in good condition and staff is very friendly.

Practice are needs a little work but still excellent. Keep up the great work.

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Great Value and in Great Condition! The Hayden C comment has no meaning!! The practice facilitiy DOES have yardage markers!!!The management staff is the best in the business and the manager is very outgoing!!!! You can see many celebrities from time to time on property. Hayden C you need to get a life or take up tennis. This facility promotes the game of golf for everyone!!!!

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Ok, been a bit lame with the reviews so thought I would throw this one out there.

Oakhurst Golf Club, in a word, great. It's a slight drive outta town, probably take around 45 mins however I managed to get lost so it took me around 1hr 10mins!! Basically head North on the 59 but that's as far as my directions go seeing as though I literally "fell upon" this place five minutes before my tee time!!

Anyway, on with the review. Course is really well kept and provides both a challenge for your low handicap players but equally, for the likes of players like me, an enjoyable round for your more "Sunday League Players". Each hole provides a decent enough fairway to hit at, they have four par 5's and four par 3's, I must admit the par threes were really good however I may be only saying that because I managed to hit them!

All in all I think this was a great course, the greens were seriously fast but that's only because they were well kept and firm. I would happily go back here again and hope to do so in the near future. It cost me around $50 all in however I think I was slightly cheaper because I went care of the excellant crew from Westhaven Golf and Sailing Club.

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They have a huge parking facility plus driving range, practice putting greens (for all the good they did me!) and all the usual amenities you would hope for such as Bud Light on draught and a small kitchen with greasy burgers!

Go, you will enjoy yourself!

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