Oak Hill Golf Course

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I'm a not a golfer!  Really, I kinda suck.  But I am trying to learn and Oak Hill is awesome for that!  The course is 9 holes and is easy to get used to.  I have gone here 5 times and each time I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident.  There is just enough challenge to keep it competitive, but the people are friendly and helpful while the course is decently maintained.  We always rent a cart because there are some hilly portions that we would rather not walk.  My bf enjoys that he can work on his game while I learn mine.  Its good for us.  We also occasionally sneak a beer or two and no one has noticed yet!  The attire is standard golf wear, but still kinda relaxed.  Hey, its NH....  The prices are competitive and they are open usually til November.  Sweet!

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