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Been here to eat, excellent food and service 5 stars.
Was lucky to get invited to golf here at this exclusive members only country club. Very hilly course, slope will make a good shot not so good, the slope will make the ball curve into the tree an into trouble at times.the greens were very, very fast. Chipping at other courses would be good but here it was so fast it would go over the greens before it would stop.  Excellent course but you need to know were to hit it to to score. now when I watch the pros miss a easy putt I'll won't criticize them. it was like putting on your wood floor.   This is how the rich half lives...

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Excellent service and excellent golf!

Making me a better golfer each and every time I play there.  Very challenging course.

I shot 76 and 75 the last two rounds I played there so I still got a little bit to go.  

Going in the right direction though.

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Best buffets for the price.  Went last week for prime rib buffet.  Prime rib is always tender and moist.  They always have incredibly high quality offerings.  melt in the mouth sashimi. The freshest raw oysters, perfectly cooked shrimp, scallops in the shell, creative salads, and one of my favorites their fried oysters.  Something so simple is elevated to new heights.  They serve a terrific tatar like sauce that is so much more complex in flavor.  Always impressive is their dessert bar.  Desserts are made from scratch and the selection is always bountiful.  Bread Pudding is always a winner. Also their tarts and mini pies. The attention to detail in the crust is just amazing.  The crust just disintegrates into a flaky bite of buttery deliciousness the moment it hits your mouth. Fillings are made from scratch and always keep you interested.  Highly recommend joining and visiting the club frequently.

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Oahu Country Club

I have a wonderfully generous friend who occasionally treats myself and a few others to the club's dinner buffet.  It is the only time I ever have to consider a dress code while dressing.  High-class, people, high-class.  At least for me whose closet is 98% tanks, tees, leggings, and colorful infinity scarves to ensure I always look like a hobo.  


The food is generally delicious.  I didn't care for the lobster tails as I found them a bit ocean-y and dry, but I tend to shy away from sea creatures in general.  I usually fill my plate with shrimp cocktail (I don't classify shrimp as a sea creature.  I classify it under "delicious") in lieu of salad (I can have salad anywhere) and move on to the main entrees.  However, the highlight of my evening is absolutely the bread pudding.  Custardy and moist with a giant bowl of frothy custard sauce, I enjoy it with my meal.  I also enjoy it after my meal.  I enjoy it several times during the course of the evening as one might enjoy a wandering magician or a particularly virile escort.

I feel as though I have lost control of my typing.  

Well, forging ahead.

As I waited in line for my bread pudding (having very gracefully procured a bowl from the miso soup station) trying to muster up all the sophistication and elegance I could recall from a childhood of semi-riches (which was followed by a teen-hood of a distinct lack of riches and an adulthood of, on occasion, downright poverty), I noticed the bowl of custard was EMPTY.  I gasped.  This caught the attention of the cultured gentleman cued behind me and, upon catching sight of the scraped custard bowl he exclaimed "What?!? The custard is empty!  You can't have bread pudding without custard, it's just bread!" to which the stylish lady behind him exclaimed "Someone tell them the custard bowl is empty!  It's empty!" and so on down the line until a well-bred and bold diner notified management of the extraordinarily unacceptable situation and a waiter scuttled out with a new bowl and many an apology.  In that moment we were all alike, myself and the Honolulu rich, bonded together in the desperation and horror of an empty custard bowl.  They are, indeed, people too.

I feel as though this review is not very useful.  Here's a list of things I consider useful:

- There is a little coffee station where you can make your own coffee.
- They have the loveliest Plantation Iced Tea.
- They have bathrooms.
- They have lots of other delicious desserts besides bread pudding.
- They have bread.
- They have a nice view.  Unless it's dark.  Then there is no view at all.
- Don't wear slippers.
- Don't wear shorts.
- They have water.

There.  Now you can click the useful button below.

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Per usual, our Team had our holiday lunch at the Country Club.  

We were greeted and seated next to the large picture windows that give an amazing view of the city and first 2 holes on the golf course.

We opted for the buffet lunch, which has an decent salad bar filled with Caesar, watercress, potato, and pasta salads.  They have a small assortment of sushi and cheese, and most often a soup of the day.

Main entrees are limited to a chicken, beef, and fish, with rice, veggie, and potatoes as a side dish.  The food is always good but the salad bar definitely beats them out.

Lastly...dessert!  The bread pudding is always a winner with our group!  What's super awesome is you can drown your dessert in as much warm vanilla sauce as your heart desires!  They will also have an assortment of pies and tarts, too.

It's a members-only club, so make nice with someone who shells out the money for annual membership!

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