Northstone Country Club

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I visited Northstone for a charity fundraiser.  Parking was convenient and the room was well decorated.  I must say, drinks were flowing, and they were quite tasty.  Specifically, the lemon drop martini!  The food was pretty amazing as well.  I tried the pork tenderloin which melted in my mouth!  I also had a bit of the seafood gumbo which was on the spicy side, but I loved it.  Dessert was a slice of key lime pie that was scrumptious!  I look forward to visiting for lunch one day soon.

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Attended a wedding reception here and I'm guessing the ball room holds about 200 including Dj and dance floor.  The staff seemed a little frazzled with some mix ups at tables and forgetting drink orders and only half the guest actually got appetizers.  The guest had a choice of chicken, salmon, or steak and chicken fingers for the kids.  The food was pretty good, the room nicely decorated and overall a nice reception venue.

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This is one of the best CC restaurants I have ever been too. The food is great, it was so good that I had my rehearsal dinner here for my wedding.  The atmosphere is not the best but the folks and food are great.

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I had been searching for a place to host our wedding and reception for months before discovering Northstone Country Club. During our visit, we decided that "this was it!" We wanted to have our wedding and reception at the same place as a convenience to our guests. They were able to customize a menu that fit our budget perfectly!

Our wedding took place outside at the gazebo and our reception was held inside their beautiful ballroom. All I had to do was bring my decorations and they were responsible for setting everything up and taking it down.

Our guests complained that they were only given water to drink.
My biggest complaint was the fact that they took our cake to the back after our cake cutting. Unbeknowst to me, lots of guests didn't get a slice of cake. We had more than enough of cake, so that should've never happened. Towards the end of the night, my aunt passed the kitchen and noticed that almost an entire layer of cake was just sitting there. When she noticed it, she brought it to their attention and that's when they brought it out for those of us who were left to take some home. If my aunt never noticed the cake, it would've been left for the staff to eat.

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