Northport Golf Course

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I've been playing at the Northport Golf Course (aka, the Veterans Hospital GC) way before I started my Yelping days!  I'll admit though, I'm definitely not a single digit handicap golfer, but I do enjoy getting outside, not feeling pressured by the people behind me, and overall relaxing/taking my time.

The Northport Golf Course is virtually never packed, especially during the week (obviously). I'd say the majority of golfers here are retired, veterans, older adults, and/or are generally not the best golfers in town.

Green fees are $16 and you don't need any fancy town/suffolk county golf card to play here. Most of the time you can easily walk up and grab a tee time if you're a single or two-some. They do provide golf carts for an additional $20 (more money than the round!) or pull carts for  a measly 3 bucks!

The 9 hole Northport Golf Course is very short in general and includes only one par 5, and has an overall course par of 34. Total yardage is about 2,400 yards.

The maintenance is pretty great for what it is, and you shouldn't expect much for the price/location/size honestly. To compare, the Northport GC definitely beats the Dix Hills GC on looks/appeal/course architecture/skill level.

Overall, I look forward to returning to this course regularly as a single or with my friends, and absolutely recommend this course to any LI golfer on a budget and/or with a high handicap (16+)

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