North Shore Country Club

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Zero stars. ZERO! The maître d completely tried to shame my colleagues and I after we VOLUNTEERED our time to model in a fashion show. We were told that we could have a snack prior to the show and he reprimanded us in front of everyone.

Julie was our saving grace and the mint I had to sustain me through the afternoon was delicious.

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We had our wedding at NSCC this past November, and the staff here were hands down, amazing. They were incredibly flexible - from creating a personalized menu, to bringing in our own cake and desserts - you name it. The service for the reception was excellent. Our guests were very pleased with the food and the service, and they were particularly attentive to us. The moment we sat down a staff member would immediately come over to get us a drink and take care of us. Ben - the manager - was a pleasure to work with. He was willing to do whatever we needed to make the day perfect. I also chose to get ready on location which was lovely. The rooms as well are really nicely appointed and it was so convenient to stay on location for me the night before and as a couple the night of the wedding. We also took our pictures on site - lots of great opportunities for photos! All in all we were so pleased that we chose to have our wedding here and would absolutely recommend them to any couple. One of the best venues I have seen on Long Island and top notch food.

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