North Ridge Country Club

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My wife and I photographed a wedding and here and this is by far the most beautiful golf course in the Sacramento Area.

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Oh mine this place was far out, but so lovely place and quiet.  We attended a church event and the food was awesome.  Of course the Lord has His way there too. One person gave his life over the Christ and we all were rejoice.  Super clean facilities, quiet sitting and lots of windows over looking the golf course. Very nice place.

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It's been more than a dozen years since I golfed here, so this review is about food only.

We come here often with family for breakfast. Servers and staff are all very friendly, as can be expected from those who work at a private country club. Most everyone is on a first name basis, asking about kids and grandkids, and they know what you want when you order "the regular."

Food has always been great, even when we've made some pretty "special" orders - i.e. substitutions you wouldn't normally think about. They always try to accommodate. My personal favorite is the breakfast sandwich, made with all meat and cheese, on a croissant instead of sourdough. Tastes like money! Not literally though, that'd be dirty and gross...

They also do awesome french toast. Smothered with butter and syrup and dipped in jam, it's quite delicious.

Prices are decent for breakfast - about $6-$10 on average.

Oh, and they've got a few different private rooms for parties and whatnot, comes in handy for making birthdays and anniversaries classy. Not sure how much these cost to rent, someone else has always paid.

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I'm not a member of the the country club...yet. haha one day perhaps.   however i have been there a handful of times for meetings.  The  grounds  are very nice and attractive, very green and spacious. the  meetings rooms  are comfortable,  rooms like you may find in your rich uncles home in the Hamptons... rich dark woods, and deep leather chairs and sofas,  walls of books,  fanciful lamps, carpeted floors.  This place is the furthest thing form modern, buts is very nice, and you feel so exclusive being here. i have no idea how you join the Country club or how much it would cost, but i would be happy as a member here.  i also got to dine here several times., mostly catered, but once in their restaurant.   the food is excellent! very good quality! hats off to the chef.

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This past week Northridge womens group put on a great event.  It all was to benefit the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation and went perfect.  This was the 5th year and each year gets better.  I have golfed at this place now about 6 times and each time I am amazed how nice the course is and how nice the people are.  Just a shout out to say thank you for a wonderful facility and great events. thank you!!

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