North Hills Country Club

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New rating!!!!
Holy cow, have you SEEN their new patio?!
This place just keeps getting better. Greens played faster than I remember last year and the service on their gargantuan new patio was incredible compared to last time.  Met the new GM Ken; very courteous and polite.
Keep going gang - best golf this year by far!

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My husband and I were at North Hills for a wedding reception this past summer. We attended two weddings in a row (back to back weekends), and three others this year, so I feel like I am a connoisseur of wedding reception venues.

The food at North Hills was better then previous locations we were for receptions. The staff was more receptive as well. At a previous place it seems the waitstaff went out of their way to avoid bringing us appetizers. There is a great view from the bar. The decor is typical country club - a mix between victorian and landscape art. It does some have neat decor left over from its start in the 1920's.

You can eat in their formal dining room or in their more casual dining room which serves grill type food.

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