North Hills Country Club

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What a fabulous course. If invited to play here, definitely take advantage of it!!! Staff are outstanding and course conditions are WAY above par!! It was $80 as a guest to play and worth every penny!!!

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The course is very well designed and constantly being rejuvenated through the efforts of a diligent grounds crew. The hole #4 is 603 yards from tee to green, uphill much of the way, which makes for an extraordinary challenge early on in your golf match. Also, the par-5 second hole requires shooting towards a green that is not visible from the 110+ yard approach shots at all.  However one most difficult hole could be 18, in which you must hit a straight drive to a landing strip over some water, but not overdrive the fairway or else end up in the woods or out of bounds. On 18, the green is sloped such that putts move quickly, meaning you must put just the right amount on the shot or else your ball may end up further away drom the cup than when you started, often leading to your partner to remark those terrible words no one wants to hear... "You're still up."

Banquet food is quite good here and the level of service from veteran bartenders and banquet hosts is outstanding.

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Great venue for a 60-th birthday celebration.  The band called The Exceptions  were outstanding, albeit a bit too loud for the size and the acoustics fo the room.  The buffet dinner included the traditional fare.

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I coofficiated here at a wedding 10/15/11. Unavoidably, my friend and colleague, the priest was detained and then got lost en route, and, I mean, very lost. I went to the manager's office (so no one would hear me on the phone with the priest and get concerned and scared). The manager was just returning from fixing something (which he did personally rather than assign it to someone else) and he sat down at his desk and calmly took my iPHone and guided the priest in, especially unnerving when Father sailed past the turnpike exit and had to turn around. Simultaneous to guiding the priest in, the manager directed his crew as to how to keep the concerned wedding party and guests from getting unhinged. No barked order, just simple directions followed immediately because there was a history of respectful good working relations which is so required when there's a problem.  During the ceremony, my assistant observed the manager himself sweeping the leaves from the front entrance.

I have never been so impressed with the professionalism and competence of a club manager under fire. Although the wedding did start late, he was sure to reevaluate and restructure the timeline so that what could have destroyed a wedding was a passing annoyance.

Jason never complained about the couple or how hard he was working: not one word of self-pity or self-congratulation. No moaning; no groaning. Just getting the job done: nice 'n neat.

I always tell couples that no one will ever remember the pattern of the carpet or the color of the wallpaper. They will always remember the kindness of the wait staff and the attentive attitude of the club. No one, not one of the staff just "sat around" or appeared to "relax on the job" or not project an alert persona. This was modeled by the manager, Jason, whom, if I could choose the club at which couples get married, would be my manager for every country club wedding. After 30 years of being everywhere and seeing everybody, Jason is sincerely superior. I shall forever be grateful for how he helped me make the wedding of Mr and Mrs Miller a happy and memorable occasion.

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I played North Hills last weekend and it was great.

The course has a really nice layout and it made for a really enjoyable round. Our 3 some was paired with a single (always an iffy proposition) but he turned out to be a great guy.

The club also has a nice little bar for lunch and 3 pools.

Think I may have to apply for membership ...

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