Normanside Country Club

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They are done with their renovations and the end product is a tastefully decorated and comfortable gathering place.

I've had dinner with friends and found the food delicious and the dining space spot on with its a tvery classy appearance.

I've attended an anniversary party there and was impressed with the level of service and the arrangements of the buffet lunch.  

I had to write this  review as the space, food, and staff deserved more than the rating in the previous review.  As a matter of fact, I'm going there for lunch with friends today because it is possible to have a $10 lunch with great choices and taste in  a poshly decorated dining room. Words that describe such experiences are delightful, enjoyable, and relaxing. Perhaps it deserves 5 stars, but I tend to be conservative.

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Yelp would not allow zero stars. I attended a large event here recently and was astonished at what a badly run business this place has become.  We wanted so badly for it to be good because it is a local  business, but it was not.  First, I think they lied when they reassured our planner that they could handle a group as large as ours. No one believed it, but we gave it a go.  Some of the servers worked tirelessly (others did not) and when we had a problem with a dinner and I asked to speak with the manager I was told, "All the managers are cooking."  No, cooks cook, managers manage. The owner should have made certain staffing was adequate, especially after taking our booking for such a large group.  Our table never received coffee.  Others did not receive their dinner until  everyone at their table was finished eating. Were it not for the fact that this was a once in a lifetime event for most of us, the terrible, terrible service would have ruined the evening.  Shame on Normanside for so many  failings.

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Went to a retirement party here a few weeks ago. They are obviously still in the middle of heavy restoration and renovation and the place smelled paint-y. The service was very good with friendly waiters/waitresses and a nice bartender. It was clean and pleasant. The food was above-average for typical banquet fare. I had the steak, and although I was not given the option to request how I wanted it prepared, it did come out medium and not completely overdone.

If they renovate it right, it could be a real gem.

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