Normandy Oaks Golf Club

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Yikes. This golf course is a few miles from my house so I decided to give it a shot. It was $17 for 9 holes with a cart with the option to pay 10 more to do the same 9 over again (not a bad deal). After the first couple holes I quickly realized I wouldn't be be doing 18 holes today. The grounds were terribly maintained.... everything from the fairways to the greens... the ground was so hard and full of potholes I thought for sure my clubs were going to go flying out from the back of my cart several times!!! The worst part about this course is trying to locate your ball. You can literally lose your ball in the first cut of the rough. The grass is about 3X longer than it should be. Needless to say I will not be coming back here.  

By the way.. No Driving Range, No beverage cart lady, no fun.

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This is close to if not the worst course I have ever played.  If you did not hit it in the fairway every shot, good luck finding your ball.  I hit a drive no more then a foot off the fairway and knew where it went and still look me 5 minutes to find it because the grass was so deep.  I even watched them cutting the grass and what was left behind was the length of out of bounds on a good course.  I will never play this course again.

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I'd been meaning to try Normandy Oaks for awhile but after my first outing here, don't think I'll be back. Nine holes with a cart Saturday afternoon ran $23 which is pretty reasonable but given the state of the tee boxes, fairways and greens, they should either be charging a lot more to pay for proper upkeep or a lot less to makeup for the state of disrepair this course is in. The words cow pasture came up several times. What this course lacks in water hazards and sand traps it more than makes up for in trees and foliage. That said, with all the leaves on the fairways I must've lost 4 balls that were hiding somewhere in plain sight. The one water hazard that we did see was a pond that had evaporated into more of a large puddle. Unfortunately I didn't find any truly redeeming qualities to bring me back to this course but for players who like reasonably straight holes this may be your course.

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