Nippersink Country Club & Lodge

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Since it's a "Resort" that offers different amenities, you have to break this place down when rating it. I've gone there several times to play golf and stayed that those dirty cabins (which are no longer in service, thank GOD), and also at the hotel (which is far better, but still a dump). The golf course is about what you would expect for the price they offer. Mostly long, straight fairways. Nothing fancy to speak of. I would rate the course 3 stars, and the hotel a zero, which averages out to 1 star. Seriously, the hotel is scary. When we arrived, we asked if we could get another room, and they said they didn't have any available. I asked if they were all booked up (which would be shocking since the place is a dump) and they said no, but they don't make/clean the room until they have a reservation. GREAT business tactic!! And they had a wedding that night too. I was surprised they didn't have a few spare rooms cleaned up and ready to use just in case a guest at the wedding decided to stay. Unbelievable. I can't say much for the banquet hall, since I've never attended an event there. I don't know anyone who is trashy enough to hold an event there.

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Found staff to be very rude and unpleasant. I would not recommend going here to anyone. I would recommend going to Brightondale Links!

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One of my favorites. Weekdays under $30 w cart. Manager very good...provided free treats for Father's Day. Tip:  buy the $1 card...for a free round after 5 rounds. Course well watered and in good shape. Best weekday to golf...Thursday.

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