New Seabury Country Club

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went for dinner sat eve for second time 1st wasn't even good, thought give them a second chance we live nearby. like previous time bar staff vy remote and not even busy, we're not members thank goodness. not helpful or attentive both bartenders just talking with three regulars(members) most of time we were there.Sat nite buy one 2nd for $10, seemed good, but a scam! wife had n y sirloin(about 6 oz) tops $27 on menu,i surf/turf 1/2 lobster size of jumbo shrimp not legal.aft prodding for vegs/dressing we ate,adv clearly deceptive half or less portions. I know this because members at bar had ny sirloin 12oz or better with gd service.After poor vy poor service weak servings bartender overcharge us, only $5 plus 18%, we mention it he tossed up $5 on bar only to say its only $5 not offering 18% we just wanted out, it won t happen again. This a good example why poor service should not be tipped @ 18% auto.Unfortunately we were last min and didn t check yelp, should have, don t see how they can survive with members and public clearly not happy, don t waste your time ps only saving grace was vy nice receptionist, what seem to be maitre'd was chatting @ bar oblivious to few customers.stick to teaching ! here s your $5 back

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