New Berlin Hills Golf Course

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wonderful wedding reception venue. Excellent food, wonderful, well trained staff and very professional wedding coordinator who takes care of every detail!

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Always a league going when I try to play. Seems to be not worth stopping there to check for a single walker

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New Berlin Hills Golf Course is a nice course it is isn't that challenging or a course.  But it is a nice course and well taken care of.  The staff is very friendly and nice and accommodating.  The club house is decent with a good selection of beers and the they come by fairly often for drinks as well.  It is a good course that is close to the city.

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PRE: My fiancee purchased a golf coupon that allowed us to take advantage of 2-for-1 greens fees. She's an above average golfer and I'm a novice. (At what point does "novice" become simply "bad at the game of golf" - I've been using the "novice" excuse for several years now.)

THE COURSE: Like my headline reads, it's very deceptive. You stand at the tee box and think "this hole will be easy" and then seven strokes and two lost balls later you limp to the cup. A good course to work on your long iron game as the fairways are very wide. The greens don't mimic the rolling hills of Wisconsin but are challenging in their speed and cup location.

SPEED OF PLAY: Pretty slow. They don't appear to do a shotgun start here. We were offered to play-thru by a foursome ahead of us.

STAFF: There are staff wearing neon green shirts that cruise the course. One gentlemen complimented my partner on her tee shot which gave her a confidence boost. A beverage selling staff member offers water, Gatorade and candy bars.

CLUBHOUSE: The layout and decor is "builder built a box" but nice. Every clubhouse bar should contain a Golden Tee game by law. We ordered burgers and fries after our round and they were tasty. Nice craft beer selection.

BATHROOMS: There are two portable bathrooms on the course. Let's face it, when you're drinking water or beer nature happens. There were also two water cooler stations.

POST: One of the most well kept courses I've ever played. I could count the number of broken tees at the tee boxes on my fingers. The course contains huge regal Oak trees. It doesn't feel like you're in a large city as there's no traffic noise or views of the Milwaukee skyline. I look forward to playing this course again.

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