Neshaminy Valley Golf Club

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Enjoying a round of golf at NV is really a matter of perspective.  This is a family owned, casual golf course.  Used to have a reputation as a retirees course, but pace of play has improved over the years, and you can walk anytime ( ++ for me). Somewhat old school in design, you will not loose too many balls, and the scoring protection is primarily the heavily sloped, but pretty slow greens.   It's a basic layout and I play here frequently, considering my rounds to be practice.  They've have been making improvements over the last 2-3 years - so if you have not been for a while it may be worth it if you are not a golf snob.   The conditions are primarily dictated by the weather - as they have little to no irrigation, so if it has been 2-3 weeks of good grass growing weather - they are probably in good shape.  The re-sanded the bunkers, but have not been raking them out & after rain they are still a nightmare, but for now the sand is better than a few other local courses.   They also dressed up the "clubhouse" - don't know what else to call it, but that is a stretch, and started selling beer - which I hope has helped their bottom line.

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