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The best part of this country club are its facilities. Tons of tennis courts, a gym, and one of the best and largest golf practice areas I have ever seen are all there. The courses are all about 4 stars. They are very well maintained, but get sort of tricky sometimes. My favorite 9 is the Mountain.

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Just finished hosting our 4th tournament in a row here. After 22 years of hosting golf tournaments, our Charity has never enjoyed a club as much as MountainGate. The course was in excellent condition, and the food (surf and turf dinner) was excellent. We draw 140+ guests for this event and I couldn't have been happier.

Why 4 stars and not 5? I'm a hard-ass. for one. Second, there seems to be some miscommunication between the staff at times - but I also assume this is to be expected in any major event with lots of moving parts. There were hiccups (i.e. the Bag Drop/Check in-staff were not very organized or efficient,) but all of them minor.

Each event gets easier and the number reason why is Nicole. As the event director, Nicole had every detail covered. She was always accessible - not just before the event - but during the event. She was there at 8 a.m. for the start of our tournament and she stayed there past 7 p.m. helping the dining room staff serve food! Always with a smile, too. She truly went above and beyond to make sure our event was a success. That is dedication. As the face of MountainGate, Nicole made our entire golf committee feel at ease and confident that our guests enjoyed themselves.

If you're looking for a great event space for a wedding or a golf tournament - I would strongly consider MountainGate...And I would emphatically recommend that you work through Nicole. She will not disappoint - and your event will be a success.

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Outdated, aging,decor needs improvement. No one cares, no one calls back. Should be free. Food disgusting.

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This is in regard to the tournament that we had at MountainGate CC July 16th, 2012.

Nicole was the liaison from MGCC, in short she was great. I have been running our tournament for the past 10 years; in that time we have been to several of the country clubs in the city for our tournament. Being at MountainGate for the past two years has been nice but truthfully it has never been a place to stay until Nicole stepped in and took over. Nicole was the best by far of any person that we have ever worked with at Any Country Club. Everyone from vendor to committee member that had to deal with her always commented to me how helpful and easy she was to work with.

Every point that could have been done to make this a great event for us she bent over backward to make sure it was handled correctly. Even to the last minute after the golfers had teed off, she drove around in a cart with me to see if everything was as it should be. During this ride not only did she help to ensure it was just as planned she kept going over ideas to make it better. I love this!!! She made me feel like she was on my committee and I could not ask for any more from anyone.

To continue along with how to make things better, the following day we talked at length the about ways to improve the event and she was taking notes to ensure it was better next year. Prior to the event she did the same thing sharing with me things that she had seen done well and no so well, trying to prevent us from making those same mistakes.

Nicole, is an invaluable part of the MountainGate team and I must say she is head and heals over the person who held the position prior to her. I can honestly say because of Nicole we would not think about going any where else. We are excited about holding our event at MountainGate again and working with the finest person in tournament planning that can be found.


Dulany Hill, MBA
Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club Board Member and Golf Chair

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I'm only commenting on the tennis courts so please keep that in mind.

The tennis courts are AWESOME! They are very well maintained and the way they structured the placement of the courts is very cleaver. There are 3 levels of tennis courts and it's kind of like stadium seating where at the way top you are able to see almost all of the courts. I loved playing here!

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