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Went to the country club for a non golf event fund raising event. Dinner was mediocre.  Some people at our table ordered salmon via email weeks ago only to be told tonight while the plates were being passed out that they ran out. While they ended up changing their mind to chicken.....the servers came out and said..."sorry we dont have any chicken...but we have a bunch of Salmon coming out" Seriously? !?!?!?!
Then we waited probably 30 min for water and forget it when it comes to coffee. The server had a tray behind us ....full of cups and      coffee. I ended up walking over to pour my own coffee after waiting sooooo long,  the server Came over to me told me to go back to my seat.....took it out of my hand and then said he would be over in a min. HE NEVER SHOWED UP!!!! This place blows for events...thumbs down

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MountainGate Country Club is a beautiful location - on top of a hill, on a beautiful day, you can see for miles.  However, I generally found the club to be a real disappointment.  We were invited to join a member for dinner on a Sunday evening, and the food was not very good (fortunately, the company was fabulous).

Food:  The bread basket was delicious - warm and fresh with soft butter.  Check out the olive roll!  For the Sunday buffet, there was medium to well done prime rib, dry curry chicken, dry salmon with honey glazed sauce, eggplant parmesan, roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables (halved patty pan squash and multi-colored carrots).  I only found the eggplant and the veggies to be edible - I don't eat potatoes or overcooked meat.  The veggies were just steamed and not seasoned, but they were tasty.  The eggplant parmesan was thinly sliced eggplant layered with a little tomato sauce and topped with lots of mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.  The eggplant was not breaded, and the dish was pretty tasty.  The salad bar was disappointing - the spring mix was BEAT UP!  However, that was my choice for base for the halved cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette so I could get my salad (they also have Caesar, ranch and Italian dressings as well as walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, chopped cucumbers, shredded carrots).  I also snapped up some garbanzo beans for some protein with the eggplant parmesan.  They also had an unseasoned quinoa salad, charceuterie, cheeses and crackers, caprese salad sticks, chicken salad and beet salad.  They also had beef and barley soup.  The dessert table was also disappointing - there was a beautiful fruit platter but the other desserts were unimaginative store purchases (rather than housemade) of mousse cake, mango cake and tiramisu (SO DRY!) as well as chocolate chip cookies and biscotti and mini desserts.

Service was not very good.  It was immature and inattentive.  Plus, we had to request things more than once.

I would not recommend this Club to another.

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What an exceptional course.  If you're a weekend warrior, then don't bother golfing here unless you really know how to golf in uneven lies.  

Love the men's room with lockers - towels - attendant ready to assist your needs.

The people working for the course were very hospitable and willing to assist your every need.

The course is in immaculate condition.  

Love love this course!!  

Well worth the private yearly price tag..


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Regarding the golf course, unfortunately the conditioning is not up to private club standards.  I have been a guest on occasion and the green speeds are always rather slow, etc.  It's a busy place though so they must be doing well.

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Disclaimer: I came here for a law school gala (read: open bar with lots of drinking) merely as an attendee, not as a planner, and I'm sure there were a lot of budgetary and planning concerns that I'm unaware of. MountainGate is obviously just the host venue and many of the logistics and decisions were made by the planners of the Gala, which I should distinguish. Anyway, this is a quick review of my night here.

The venue itself is nice but not super memorable. It felt like we were at a typical American wedding - outdoor space with hanging lights, dance floor in the middle, and buffet tables and bars out to the sides. The facilities were nice enough but not spectacular. The waitstaff were friendly and attentive.

The food was a bunch of pastas and salads and bread rolls - good variety, but the taste was pretty substandard. They had an ice cream bar too, which had garnered quite a bit of anticipation, but that ended up pretty unimpressive as well.

Most important was the open bar, which was arranged to be from 8-11pm. There were two bars, one on each side, for about 250 people. For 200+ people (law students!), this meant that there was a line and 15 min wait every time I wanted to get a drink, which was a lot. I was able to order multiple drinks each time, though, and overall it was definitely workable. One of the bartenders was really funny and would sing back your order to you, haha. I'm not complaining about waiting for free drinks!

The main problem was that the "open bar" had promised a lot of premium brands, but turned out they brought a limited supply and ran out quickly. I asked for Glenlivet, which was advertised as part of the open bar, but they apparently only brought one bottle and it ran out pretty fast. But with Grey Goose, JW Black, Patron Silver, etc., it was still the best liquor for an open bar event I'd ever been to.

Good experience overall, the food and venue were average but the drinks and service were good. It should be noted that we were on a school budget and I think considering we paid $40/person for the ticket, which included unlimited food, dessert, and open bar, it was a very good deal.

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