Mountain Valley Golf Course

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This place is well named!  Located on a gorgeous mountain with a beautiful valley going thru it, this place is stunning!  We were looking for such a location for our wedding and this place worked out great!  

The setting is just fantastic and I'll post some more pictures to show you so!  It rained on our wedding day...Not too much, but it rained...there was rolling fog coming thru the valley and it made for an amazing backdrop!  I was very much impressed with the scenery, even on a cloudy day.  I actually golfed the day after the wedding when it was nice and sunny and the place looks fantastic.  I'm not an avid golfer, but I do play a few times a year and this was a great course to play on!  They have 2 18 hole courses and the prices are pretty good as you might imagine for the location here.  Given how nice the day was and how I just didn't want to leave, playing golf for a few hours worked out great!  Nice way to wind down after the wedding.  

They did a great job decorating, we were very pleased with how the venue looked.  We were not able to use the outdoor bar due to the wet weather, but it still worked out nicely inside.  I do wish the food was better...We went with a buffet and I was non-plussed.  It was OK.  The chicken and mashed potatoes were actually quite good.  But the beef was sliced so thin and cooked so dry it wasn't any beef I'd order unless it was served on a roll with cheese.  I also found out the next day that we ate the exact same food\buffet that is offered to the golfers in the players club.  Same chicken, same beef, same silver metal serving trays with sterno keeping them warm.  This was a bit of a let down for me, I'd think for a wedding they would bring in something special that they didn't serve on a daily basis.    

We also did a brunch here the day after the wedding.  Same silver metal serving trays, now filled with eggs, sausage and the like, as well as some wraps\sandwiches.  This was good and a nice way to wrap up the wedding and say goodbye to our guests.      

It's about a mile from the MainStay Suites where we stayed...very convenient...had a shuttle running back and forth all night and it worked out well!  Gorgeous setting for a wedding, I highly recommend it, just make sure you do a tasting and are happy with the food!

Don't forget free golf for the wedding party!

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Friday night deck party is pretty good.  There's a lot of people there and the drink prices are pretty amazing (I got Rum and RedBulls all night for $3 each).  The DJ is completely horrible though.  I don't think he played a single song newer than 2010 except "22" by Taylor Swift which nobody wants to hear.  They might as well have had T102 playing.

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This review is for their Friday Night Deck Party.  Very cheap cover charge at only 5 bucks. The view from the deck is amazing, lush and green, overlooking the golf course.  Drinks are super cheap as well, 2 bucks for a draft beer...The DJ was decent.  The crowd didn't do much for me, seemed kinda snobby and cliqueish.  I would go back though because the people watching is awesome.

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