Mountain House Golf Course

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Closed-but you can buy this place at an auction in May!

Too bad, it was fun while it lasted. Where every hole was the windmill hole.

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 I was there when a dude had to be choppered off the practice green. He tipped a bald tire cart on one of the horrible cart paths. The douche greens keeper blamed the kid. Yelled at him to be exact. The kid drops. By the time the paramedics showed they had CareFlite pick him up and rush him to a hospital. Punctured lung, ETC. If the lawsuit didn't kill 'em then it may have been the rumor I heard:
A Partner made off with the funds to finish the place. Screwed everyone and left town.

The couple of times I played it with less than a 30MPH wind it was a decent track.

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Amusing course...

Its 40 bucks on the weekend for 18 w/ a cart. It goes down to 30 bucks after 2 pm...

We played around noon last weekend. It was really windy.. I almost hit the first hole's green in one with a 4 iron because of the wind.. However, after about the 5th hole, the wind died down. I could have played in shorts.

The course is challenging. It is pretty short if you play from the whites. There are a lot of hils, peaks and valleys. You need to hit straight shots here.. If you are a beginner, this is not the right course for you.

I would go back...

I shot an 80... Not bad...

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This is a tough one.  I really admire the fact that someone had the fortitude to build a golf course in the windy arid hills near Livermore.  While there is currently nothing more than a trailer instead of a clubhouse, the kid working the register promised a permanent facility was in the works, so I'm not dinging them for this.

Over and over again, their website talks about target golf.  This is not target golf.  It became extremely obvious by the completion of the front 9 that the builders never hired a professional course architect.  Instead of requiring a ~250 yard shot to a tight fairway followed by a ~180 yard shot to a protected green (as in real target golf) the course configuration is a crazy mix of bizarre distances and blind shots.  One great example is the 18th finishing hole.  They have bicycle flags set up which you are supposed to aim your tee shot through.  This is due to the fact that you cannot see the green or any portion of the strange split-level fairway from the tee boxes.  Many holes are non-sensical.  I remember driving by the white tee boxes on the 17th hole in disbelief when I realized the entire par 4 was only 250 yards.  I don't know many people who couldn't drive the green in one shot.

You'll hear a lot of talk about wind, but I was somehow spared and only had a light breeze to deal with.

The most upsetting part was the complete lack of water on the course.  It was 94 degrees (a common temp for the scorching Livermore Valley) and all they gave you was one bottle of water on your cart when you tee off.  I can understand that there is no running water on the course.  However, not having coolers with water around the course, or even better, small coolers on the carts themselves, is inexcusable.  It is far too hot to not show any compassion for your customers.  Someone is going to get seriously ill some day for lack of a simple drink of water.

I'm quite fearful that this course won't last.  Incredibly cheap tee times coupled with fairways that are already showing burn spots can only worsen unless something is done quickly.

I'd love to come back and play the course again once a clubhouse has been built and they figure out that you can't expect customers to survive for four hours in oppressive heat with one bottle of water.  I wish this very new course the best of luck, and hope I can give it a better rating in the future.

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