Moraga Country Club

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We went to the restaurant for a Mother's Day Brunch with our large family.  I hate to give a bad review b/c the dining area is okay with large windows and a decent view, and it was a gorgeous day. One star for that.  However we were very disappointed with the brunch. It cost $50 per person, which is comparable to paying for a we expected a lot of food and basically an amazing brunch experience. However, it was pathetic to say the least. The staff was not at all attentive to our large group. Twice I got up myself to get refills on coffee b/c I got tired of waiting.  

The WORST part is that about an hour after our brunch started the staff quickly started swiping all of the food from the buffet. Two of us went back to get pancakes and they were gone!  The staff didn't care in the least bit that we were not getting food that we paid for.  Nobody apologized or offered to bring the food back out. A proper brunch is one in which there is a good deal of food and it allows people time to socialize with each other and go back for 2nds and 3rds if they would like.  We were totally robbed of this experience and many of us left feeling that we were rushed out. Considering we paid a good deal for our group to have a nice Mother's Day experience, this was a shame. The staff started setting up early for another event around us and it was clear that they wanted us out of wasn't even noon yet.  Basically we paid $50 for eggs, bacon, salad, potatos, orange juice with massive quantities of ice in it (super watered-down) and one piece of mediocre cake. You call THAT a brunch?!?!  If you want a good brunch...go to SOFITEL in Redwood City.  They have a huge selection of foods and let you sit for hours and talk and eat and talk and you aren't rushed at all to get the hell out.  Moraga Country Club...hope that you can learn from them!

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MCC dining has improved to provide faster service!  Now there is some great food and there is good service that doesn't take too long.  Recommend trying it out!

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I am not a member, but attended an event here last week.

My comments then are related to the grounds and staffing.

The new clubhouse is pristine and looks well-taken care of.  The grounds and other facilities are well-maintained and well kept.  The golf carts all look new and virtually unblemished-very rare.  The golf cart paths look a little worn, but I was told by Moraga management that these will be replaced in the very near future.

The best news of all is that the staff is professional, helpful and engaging.  At every encounter, the employees or managers were bright and pleasant to deal with.  They were all well-informed and everyone seemed to know what was happening everywhere.  True leadership abounds here.

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We are not members of the club, but used our reciprocal privileges the other night and came for dinner after our daughter's baccalaureate mass at Saint Mary's College. What a delightful surprise! The atmosphere was perfect. The dining room was filled with people, yet we could have conversation at the table without having to strain to speak or hear. There were many choices on the menu to please everyone. The wine list had a nice balance of wines to choose from. Presentation of the salads were beautiful. . The smoked salmon salad could have been a meal in itself. The entrées came and we were just as pleased. The pork chops and the roasted chicken were the hits at the table, topped off with the delicious chocolate torte.  Our waiter, John, did a nice job of offering us the specials of the night (swordfish and short ribs) and and the food was served in a timely manner that went with the flow of the occasion. The food and beverage manager, Ian, came by to insure everything was going well. He seems to be a bright light not only for the restaurant, but for the club in general. We will definitely return when we are in the area.

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