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Got a chance to play the creek course and once the Black Bear had cleared the #1 tee box, I was able to have a pretty fun round of golf.  The golf course was much more difficult than I had expected but also a lot of fun.  

About 3 times, I thought I had hid a good shot but it was in the junk.  So that was the only bummer about my round.

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I am just catching up before the new summer run to Alaska comes about.  So I played the Creek Course, it was challenging.  The weather was great (see photos), and I had a blast.  There weren't too many (3) courses to choose from on this slightly cold summer day.  I had fun, did I say this.  lol.  

Pro Shop, although I didn't bring clubs on this journey, it was for hiking but I had a nice selection of Callaway's.  They were friendly, and helpful.  I did bring shoes, never go on a vacation without golf shoes.  NO NO :-)...

The course was very picturesque snow capped mountains in the distance, making the rounds, of course the food was not kept outside nor outdoor grilling for bear purposes alone.  Aside from wondering if bears were going to come rushing out of the woods on some holes, I had a great time, and it was challenging to say the least.  I should've written my review prior but I have been BUSY, lol.  

All in all, it was a great round, I played with a few locals, and there walking me around the course was good.  I recommend when in Alaska and have time for a round of golf, the sun doesn't go down so you'll get a few in.

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Moose Run has two courses: The Hill Course and The Creek Course. The Creek Course is the more challenging, but the Hill Course is also an excellent test for average players.

I played as a part of the annual CIRI Tournament and the course, conditions and company kept were all excellent. Even with rain for half a round, the course drained well, the fairways and greens were trim and well maintained, and the staff was very professional.

It isn't real long, the 5's can be reached in two if you're long, otherwise three easy . . . the par-3s are a little tougher - tight greens, decent length. The fours are a combination of birdie chances and makeable pars. Lots of trees lining pretty wide fairways. Lot of dog-legs as well.

My understanding is that Moose Run is the only 36 hole course in the Anchorage area. Its a pretty good value at $40 a round.

Having played many championship courses around the U.S., I'm happy to have found Moose Run to keep my game in shape before my next golf trip.

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Moose Run: Hill Course

There are two courses at Moose Run: the Hill Course and the Creek Course. The Creek Course is ranked 49th on the list of the top 100 Toughest Courses in the United States.

I've traveled to Anchorage in late September for the last four years for business, and every time I've been there it has snowed and rained. 2007 was the exception, and the weather was the best I've seen it, so Moose Run was still open. It was Friday,  and the pro shop informed me that course was getting a lot of play because they were shutting down on Sunday.

The staff was great from the get-go. They explained over the phone that morning that I couldn't reserve a tee time as a single, and then told me when a good time to come would be to still be able to get at least 18 in. They set me up with great rental clubs: Callaway X-20 irons with graphite shafts, and matching Callaway woods. And then fit me in a tee time within 25 minutes of arrival.

They also took great care of me. When I got greenside of the first hole, I realized I needed a sand wedge - which was missing from my set of rental clubs. I called the clubhouse and they had one out to me by the time we teed on the 2nd hole.

The course is beautiful, with incredible views of outrageous mountains and downtown Anchorage. The hill course made its way up to a high point on #5, and then worked its way down to the valley. It was readily walkable, and the only big walk was from 9 green to #10 tee.

Given that the course was going to be closing that Sunday, it was in spectacular shape. That course looked better at the end of its season than my SF munis tend to look at the open. And it was immensely affordable: $67 for a round, including pull cart and high-end rental clubs. Replays for $20!

There were a number of holes that demanded strategy from the tee, and a handful of memorable holes. The front nine had the hills, and took full advantage of the topography to make for some really fun golf.

Course design/playability: 4 stars
Walk-Ability: 5 stars - A beautiful walk, with gorgeous scenery
Condition/maintenance: 5
Driving range/practice area: 4 stars
Pace of play: 4 stars
Avg. wait for tee time: 4 stars
Pro shop staff: 5 stars

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