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Worse Club House Management Ever & HR Dept. The Moorings Country Club, located at 2500 Crayton Road, Naples, FL  34103  I recently rented a room in my home to their Mooring Country Club Bar Manager, Mr Bobby Magee & within days of him moving in, he could not HIDE HIS RACIEST OPINIONS. He Is A Bar Manager, Yet An Alcoholic & Smokes Marijuana. It is 100% Clear in My Home Rental Agreement, that No Alcoholic or Drug Users will be Tolerated. Within the first week, The last week of September 2014, Bobby Magee Broke All The Contract Rules & Was Using Profanity, Raciest Remarks, Referred to African American or Black People as the "N Word", Referred to Gay People as Fags & Homosexuals, Harassed a young female who resides in the house while she was enjoying some relaxing time out at the house swimming pool. Then later told me, the landlord, how he would like to "F HER" even if I am married, he said, I would just have to not get caught. He uses a Shared Bathroom & had Marijuana & paraphernalia along with in stored with his things in the bathroom. He has been conformational since the first days of moving in. He comes home "Drunk" from late night bars, while driving under the influence. Waking up the other people to live in the home at all hours of the night. I BROUGHT UP ALL OF THE ABOVE TO HR & GENERAL MANAGER OF "The Moorings Country Club, located at 2500 Crayton Road, Naples, FL  34103" AND I EVEN ASKED THE GENERAL MANAGER IF ILLEGAL DRUG USE IS ALLOWED BY EMPLOYEES OF HIS COUNTRY CLUB? His Verbal Reply Was, WE ARE A DRUG FREE WORKPLACE." I SAID, THEN TEST YOUR BAR MANAGER. He Informed Me He Was Done Speaking & The Situation Is Closed. I Informed The HR & GENERAL MANAGER That "If Bobby Magree The Bar Manager Hurts A Coworker, Himself Or A Country Club Guest, The Blame & Blood Will Be On Their Hands, As They Choose To Ignore My Calls & Warning & Test Him. I Was Never Treated So Rude By Any Employer When Hearing A Serious Warning Regarding A Member Of Their Staff & Management. It's Perfectly Clear Bobby & The General Manger Are BEST OF FRIENDS. Friends Don't let's Friends Drive Drunk & Bosses Shouldn't Allow Managers Or Staff To Use Illegal Drugs On Or Off The Clock, As It Is A Safety Issue. And No Alcoholic Should Ever Be A Bar Manager. Watch Out Ladies, He Is A Womanizer Pig! CONCERNED NAPLES CITIZEN

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The Moorings has 82 condominium buildings and 875 single family homes, equating to 4000 residential properties. The Moorings Property Owners Association (MPOA) is located in Naples and manages their beach park and other aspects of live in the community.

This is a high end Naples community.

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