Moore Golf & Athletic Club

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Great bang for the buck, if you're a member.

Let's get the negative out of the way first: the course is very compact. It's build on a small plot of land in the middle of a small commercial area in Moore, Ok. It's not spread out. Honestly there are few areas on the course where you're safe from errant shots.

That being said, unless your playing during a draught, the course is generally in good shape. A little better than you'll find at a local city course (Lincoln, earlywine, etc...) It favors long hitters over accurate drivers and people with strong short games rather than people with great ball striking ability. This helps level the playing field quite a bit.

The greens are what make the course unique. They are big, challenging, usually quick, and always in great shape. I play a lot of courses a round here and MGAC had better greens than all of them.

They have great events for members and typically encourage member only play unless there is a special guest event happening. It's also a great place to have personal events, with nice pools and a brand new tennis court. The clubhouse features a decent grill and suitable workout facility, mostly machines but a small free weight collection is also available.

If you're looking for a local, affordable course to join then look no further

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Quite possibly one of the worst golf courses I have ever been to. The course is horribly maintained: the fairways have tons of bald spots and are in mediocre conditions elsewhere; the rough is inconsistent and sometimes a better lie than the fairway; and the greens are riddled with unrepaired divots, no doubt due to the asshole regulars that don't understand proper etiquette. And to top it all off, every staff member that I encountered was rude, unaccomodating, and incompetent.

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