Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau

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Went there for a wedding reception. I golf here a few times and I know that the golf course is beautiful and very well kept. Well for a wedding reception let me say that this place is 1st class all the way. Everything about this place was perfect. The cocktail hour was nothing like I ever experience before. They greet you at the door going in the hover-doers with a glass of champagne with a piece of strawberry in it. Then let the food begin. They had a crepe station where you can get anything and everything you would ever want in a crepe. In the center of the room they had a table with Greygoose vodka and caviar, it was unbelievable. Also on that station was all the deli meats and cheeses, eggplant roltlni and a few other food choices as well. On another station they had fliet cavering station all I can say it WOW, great steak cooked perfectly. The final station was a pasta station, they had al fedro, vodka , and pesto. It was probably the tastes al fredo I have ever eaten.  they also had bulter hover-doers going around.  I sample a cocconut shrimp, osyter rockfeller, and a stuff clam all were delisious.  After contail hour was through they brought you into the ball room, it was gorgeous! Salads came out and I am not a salad guy so I passed on the salad it looked good though. Then dinner came out you got 1 piece of chicken and 1 piece of beef potatoes and vegs. All of the food was excellent.

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