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Pros. Pretty good greens but hard to hold because they were so hard.  Cons.  Everything else.  This may be worst conditioned golf course i have ever played. Fairways tee boxes half weeds. Half dirt.   Slow play. Hacker haven.  Constant fear of getting hit by golf balls.  Even at 20 bucks on golf now i won t ever go back

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I needed a new place to play and I found Mine Brook. I got a significant discount on GolfNow (I would never pay sticker price for this place or most places). I got paired with a gentlemen and his son (late teens or early 20's) and by the end of the end commented at how fast we played. We teed of at 7:12 on a Sunday and were able to finish in less than 4 hours which is great as I do my best to play quickly and hope others do the same. The father-son team noted that they have teed of in mid-afternoon during the summer and not been able to finish which is ridiculous. I did see marshals driving around (in fact on the first hole they sat in the fairway to spot tee shots as we were teeing off into the sun and couldn't where our tee shots went) I just hope they actually move people along.

As for the course I played from the blues and shot a pretty good 88. The greens were fairly easy to putt with below average undulations and a slower speed than I am typically used to. I do understand that mountain golf gives some unique character but the layout was frustrating at times. Many of the holes has significant length but had early doglegs requiring a layup to the bend then long second shots to the green. One example is hole 18. From the blue tees it is about 600 yards however because of the layout requires three 200 yard shots to get on in regulation.  Other holes had out of bounds areas surrounding the green on three sides with a pathway of beat up fairway the only safe path up to the hole.

One last bit of criticism would be to have more porta-pottys. The course is so tight that finding places to sneak in to the trees is difficult. I really don't know what women playing are expected to do.

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Very nice place great employees and simply a lot of fun

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The course is very nice and a bit challenging especially if you find yourself in the rough a good bit of the time.  However this review isn't about golf per se which explains my two-star rating.

As a woman golfer, my biggest issue on courses is the placement of the bathroom facilities.  On a course with a beer cart, this becomes quite important!  I found just one port-a-john on the Mine Brook course and it was located in the back 9. I suppose if I had walked across 2 tee boxes and a fairway I could have accessed it from the front but I decided to wait till we got to the turn.  

At the 9th green, I did the polite thing and sent my partner on ahead - I didn't want to hold up the group behind us as this was a busy Saturday in June.  I entered the building at the Club House door figuring a ladies room would be right inside. NOPE! But there WAS a men's room right there.

The cashier sent me all the way around to the front of the building towards the banquet hall and UP the stairs, not bothering to tell me that a handicap accessible private room was just off the lobby.  When you're trying to keep this visit under a minute, every step counts.  

Mine Brook - women golfers have a lot of money to spend - on greens fees, pro shop items and food (we like a 9 and Dine option too).  Start paying more attention to us and we will start visiting more often.  I was disappointed to only see one other woman on the course besides myself.  Give us a potty here and there and we will be yours forever!  The gentlemen might appreciate it too since I observed many of them using the trees and bushes. Which brings me to the good news - the single port-a-john on the course was VERY clean because nobody ever uses it.

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Mine Brook, Mine Brook, Mine Brook why don't they treat you better?  I've played this course out in Hackettstown, NJ four or five times and every time I've played here the course has been wet.  No, it wasn't raining, no it hadn't rained the day before, the course (at least part of it) retains water. I've played here when they've done a good job with cutting the grass, but I've also played when the greens were way too slow and the rough was thick enough to swallow your club.

This is a short course (only 6,200 from the back tees), par 70, and isn't tremendously difficult.  There are some interesting holes that add a little difficulty...mostly dog legs, a couple well placed bunkers, and trees...lots of trees.  There are also a number of tiered greens so if you can't tell where the flag is located you could end up on the wrong part of the green making birdie or even par somewhat difficult. That said, most of the greens are pretty large.  If you're a decent golfer and can keep the ball on he fairway you'll score we'll here.

Greens fees aren't terrible for NJ, but they work on a sliding scale depending on the season.  They also have a clubhouse and grill so you can grab a bite at the turn or after your round.

Looking forward to the warm weather and getting out and playing again...probably not here this year though...

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