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Great country club all Johnson County folks should consider it!

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Milburn is one of the grand old golf clubs in Kansas City.  Founded in 1917, the course is one of the toughest in the city and has been used for US Open Qualifier tournaments on multiple occasions.

Milburn was my 1st country club, I joined when I was 23 and I played the course daily for about 7 years.  

The course is truly amazing.  My friends call the #2 hole, "Soul Crusher"; it is a 600 yard Par 5 with so many trees that an errant shot is like playing from the middle of a forest.  Many 1st time players gave up on the round after playing #2 hole and decided to drink copious amounts of brewed beverage to lick their wounds in lieu of playing more golf.

#4 is a 210 yard par 3, downhill over a pond... Good luck holding the green!

The club house burned earlier this year so the club is building a new club house.  My friends who are still members tell me that Milburn is taking the opportunity to reposition a few teeboxes and lengthen the driving range.

I hope that they decide to rebuild the "Alibi Room".  The Alibi Room was basically a sports bar-type area  located in the back of the men's locker room.  Overstuffed leather furniture, mahogany tables, huge plasma tv and full bar/food service.

Legend has it that the Alibi Room was named by members in the 1920's because the men would tell their wives that the reason that she couldn't find him was because he was playing poker in the "Alibi" room.  It was a good Alibi since women weren't allowed in the Alibi room because it was part of the men's locker room.  I've  heard stories from the old timers of Alibi Room poker games starting Friday night and not wrapping up until Sunday afternoon.  Men in certain professions graduate from the fraternity house to the country club;  the Alibi room has witnessed more than its fair share of outlandish behavior!

Another interesting feature is the grave of an early Club Pro, Harry Robb on the grounds of the club.  Mr. Robb dedicated much of his life to building Milburn and furthering golf in Kansas City.  His final request was to be buried on the course.  To this day, Mr. Robb's grave is always decorated with bright flowers.

Milburn is a great club with a great tradition, play here if you can!

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Nice place for a wedding. Very big and open and my friend made very good use of the place for his wedding. I enjoyed the country-like feel of the place. It's certainly a big change for a city guy like me.

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