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I have never been a member of a swanky country club but I get to hang out at one because I have a friend who is.  Yes, I am lucky!

Lunch here is a delight, served in a quiet elegant dining room with courteous care.  I have had many different items off the menu and all have been mouth wateringly delicious.  Their sandwiches are fresh, varied and inventive.  The latest I savored was a grilled turkey, ham and brie with blackberry jam and honey mustard on the side.  But this is not my favorite treat on the menu, the goodie I dream about is the soup.  Every time I am a guest here I have a cup of a different homemade soup.  Each unique concoction is fantastic.  

I am lucky to have such a generous friend and hope to soon see what it's like to have lunch poolside.  I can see me now, "Oh Pool boy, over here please!"  Hey, a girl can dream!

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This place is absolutely beautiful.  I was here for a wedding over the weekend and very impressed because as far as I knew there's nothing in Midlothian.  I was mistaken.  We'll discuss the details of why it was wonderful, then I'll explain why I removed a star (hint: it's because I am of the female gender).

Outside:  You would miss this place if you're just driving around, it's very secluded and private, but very pretty outside and the golf course looked nice, not that I would actually know.

Inside: Also very nice.  We were upstairs in the banquet area, which was lead to by a beautiful staircase.  When first upstairs, there was a bar area with some high tables and then regular seating.  There is a nice view of outside and a balcony, which overlooked the course.  Beautiful.  Then you go to the banquet all harea, which had tables set up for the wedding, the dancefloor etc and also a view outside to the balcony.  

Service:  I was highly impressed.  At this wedding, you  had servers bringing you drinks.  It was not the usual, go stand in line for a drink and it takes forever.  It was great.

Food:  The food was good and wedding food is never good.  I've been to well over 20 weddings and only once before have I had really good food.  Bonus!  

The only bad:  It's a private country club and you have the "men only" bars.  Just bothers me.  Sorry, but it does.  

All in all, if you are considering having your wedding or other event here, I highly recommend it.  I was so impressed.

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Wow! What a great 4th of July at Midlothian Country Club. We were guests for the day of my son's in-laws. The golf course is beautiful, and very well maintained. The greens are quick and challenging. The caddies were professional, good humored and  tolerant of my mediocre play.

The 4th of July event was very well done. They served over 1400 people and did it very well. The food was very good for picnic food and the staff was very attentive.

What a great day!

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If you didn't know that this place existed here, you'd drive right past it. It's tucked away, at least a 1/2 mile off of Cicero, so it's very quiet and peaceful.

Met a few ladies here for a great summer lunch poolside. The pool was super cute, and there was even a little baby pool for your toddlers.

Food was typical bar food, as we chose to sit outside, but there is a more upscale menu for seating inside. Service was slow (there are a bunch of teenagers working poolside), but I can say that the servers were all polite and friendly.

The golf course itself is beautiful, and the inside restaurant was quite lovely as well!

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