Middlefield Golf Course

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Great executive course. Lots of character, well-groomed course. The par-3's are long! Most of the longer holes present birdie opportunities (except #15!).  The noise from the freeway and occasionally from the adjacent racetrack are the only drawbacks.

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I like playing here. The guys in the club house and marshals are always real friendly when I go down there to golf. Sure there are a lot better courses around but for the money it's a good deal and you can take all skill levels golfing together and everyone can have fun. The guys do a good job of keeping the course in good shape and it's usually not super crowded. I think it's an above average course for the money. I recomend it for anyone looing for a casual day of golf and highly recomend it for new/younger golfers.

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From I-5 you can always see golfers when driving through Cottage Grove. This is pretty much Middlefield Golf Course. It has a nice range and the clubhouse is cozy. They have a snack bar inside also. The course usually starts out going around some houses which can be nerve racking to some. The course then travels to the other side of the freeway and opens up into a more spacious area. One of the holes is this crazy par 5 where the shot "s-curves" around. Unfortunately, the first shot is in the short part of the "s". So, knowing how to fade and hook your shots comes in really handy on this one. It's a fun course though. Some of the greens crown or are concave, so it makes for some adventurous putting. It's almost like if they expanded a putt-putt to a full blown course.

I would suggest this course from anyone from beginners to advanced intermediates.

It's located right off of I-5 and  just make two lefts and you should be there. Parking is never a problem. Most of the time, it's pretty laid back and the pace is good being outside of Eugene a bit. During the summer, I'd make sure to call to make a tee time though.

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