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On my day off during the week I decided to play a course I usually don't play.  Was pleasantly surprised by the layout and condition of the course.  I have heard this place went bankrupt during the aftermath of Sandy so I already took into consideration about the amenities.
For a person that plays 90% of his golf on public courses, this place ranks up there with other top courses open to the public based on course condition, layout, and staff employment.
The course has very pretty holes with picturesque scenes and the tee boxes and greens were pristine.  Fairways were a step above average compared to other public courses.
The staff from the cart attendance, starter, and front desk was very friendly and helpful in making my day off a more than pleasant one.  The Asian lady working the front desk was especially helpful with questions about the course and amenities.  
Too bad I don't live in the area otherwise I would play this course on a regular basis.

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This course was good, but could be great. The greens were in great shape and rolled very quick, but the rest of the course was not maintained as well. The fairways were a 6/10 but if you miss the fairway, expect to have a really rough shot. I liked the layout of the course. It's narrow and quite challenging on several holes. This track will definitely make you plan for your next shot, especially off of the tee. I would play here again, but it wouldn't be my first choice, unless they really get it in better shape overall.

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We played an outing there and the course was absolutely beautiful. Greens are like carpets and fast.
 Bad experience????..the tall jerk that runs the place was so rude to our club and I will never go again. I heard him tell one kid that if we didn't move our bags off a reserved cart he would throw them on the floor. I was SHOCKED. And our club is from NY City and this guy told us to go back to Coney Island under his breath but we all heard it.
Lucky he didn't get his ass kicked

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I'm sorry but I have nothing good to say about this establishment... Let's start with the fact that the building itself is so run down it almost looks like they're closed.  I'm not going to dwell on that in light of the super storm two years ago, but it was two years ago...

They charge $80 per round, which is outrageous.  The course is patchy and just not designed well.  The greens are in decent shape but my complements stop there.  This is a course with a ton of blind shots and a lot of hidden water hazards, however, the $80 fee doesn't include a map of any kind.  THEY DON"T EVEN HAVE A MAP TO SELL YOU!  Are you serious?  Do you just want your customers to be miserable out there? Guessing where to hit the ball?  

The club is so poorly ran,  there's no direction or management of any kind there.  I bought my tickets and was told to go out side and someone would put the bags on the cart.  The kid puts the bag on the cart and says "you're good to go guys"... One problem, no keys, had to go back in the shop, and ask for the keys which I had to leave a license for.  

Here's the run down, it's way overpriced.  Like seriously, if you want to spend $80 per round, take a ride out east to Swan Lake, Rock Hill,  TallGrass, LI National, etc.  All a much better choice.  Or if you want a nice water course in Nassau county go to Lido, it's everything MBCC tries to be for HALF THE PRICE!  

Comments for the course and management:  Slash the price in half to $40-$50 which is more reasonable and promote walking.

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Clubhouse in bad shape. Course in shabby shape too.

The course website brags about a practice area and they do have one, but a big sign says you can not use it; how convenient.

Took almost 6 hours to finish the round because the "management" put my group behind a Junior golf tournament. I had no idea about this before I got to the first tee and saw kids bunting balls 4o yards and then pulling out their lasers!!

Very rude to sell a tee time without giving me this info.

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