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I am not a member, but went in for lunch with family who are. OK, 1 other table in the room. Waitress takes our food order... Never returns. After 30 minutes I was wondering what was going on since our waitress was MIA, I found her in the alcove twirling her hair and on her cell phone. I asked if our food was going to arrive any time soon. Finally got our food, with tons of apology. We wanted to order wine, again, the waitress was MIA for a while, came back to say " sorry but we are looking for a wine bottle opener" huh?
I was shocked for a country club of this caliber to have such terrible service ,I hope the food manager reads this.

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Sara and her staff are great!
My wedding was here.  It was amazing to say the least.
The view is incredible!
The reason I chose this venue was because there were no hidden fees, they allowed me to come the night before to set up for my wedding, accommodating with menu changes, helped me get the most for my dollar and was prepared with a contingency plan for the rain that came pouring down the day of my wedding!
Sara was easy to work with and easy to contact by email and phone.  She was always in contact with me and was easy to get ahold of.  I'm sure I became a huge pain in the neck but she never made me feel like one.  And although we were being sponsored to have our wedding there, we were never made to feel like outsiders.  We were always accommodated as if we were members ourselves.  We were offered to have our rehearsal dinner there as well but chose a different venue closer to home.
The day of my wedding I got absolutely no phone calls, they called their own shots on the day of and I knew nothing of what was going wrong. Thank goodness.
We were supposed to have our wedding ceremony on the first tee but due to weather concerns, we moved it to the lanai area where our cocktail hour was supposed to be.  It didn't make a difference, the view was incredible and I liked it more because it because such an intimate affair.
Sara made sure that my wedding was beautiful!
Top sirloin and 2 additional entree plus salad bar and other types of side dishes, desserts, was around $38 a person, SAY WHAT?! that's a good deal.  You won't find a better deal than this place for your wedding!

Why you should have your wedding here:
1. beautiful view
2. great food
3. great staff
4. intimate

Do yourself a favor though and rent other chairs! the chairs are horrible and make the place look old.  Uplighting and chairs made all the difference and created a whole new mood.  When I get pictures I'll post!

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Just ate there for the first time and the service was good, and the food had a good taste, however, the food was barely warm, and took forever for it to come out after we ordered.  Rather go somewhere else....

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This review will be for the Mid Pac Restaurant only. First of all, avoid valet. I am skeptical of all valet no matter where I go, and this place is no exception either. The facilities and the grounds are very nice and I sincerely enjoyed the ambiance.

We had a reservation and were greeted very promptly by a friendly hostess and showed to our table. I liked that our reservation name was proudly displayed at the table and the table was neat and clean, appealing to the eye. They were even able to easily accommodate us, even with a last minute addition to our party - to total 5 guests. It was a Sunday evening, and only a few tables in the restaurant.

We decided to have a nice dinner and were entertaining guests from out of town. The three of us who were from this area (Lanikai) had already eaten and were looking for a lighter meal, while our guests were starving and wanted to check out Mid Pac. So, lo and behold we took them to Mid Pac. Our waitress was older, professional and knowledgeable. She seemed very friendly and knew a lot of the regulars, including two that were at our table.

We get situated and our waitress asks if anyone would like anything to drink. She seems a bit disappointed that no one wanted any alcohol (we had 2 minors - over 18, but not yet 21 at our table and this wasn't a dinner in which we wanted to get intoxicated.)  Iced tea ordered instead.

We look over the menu and three of us decide to order pasta, while our guests choose steak and shrimp. Our waitress was unrelentlessly try to upsell us on items. Like she wouldn't leave us alone until we told her "That is really all I want. Thanks."  I know it is her job to make money and sell items, but it got kind of ridiculous. The conversation kind of went like this:

Waitress: Would you like a dinner salad with that pasta?
Me: No thank you.
Waitress: What about any other sides?
Me: No thank you.
Waitress: Did you decide you wanted any wines? We have excellent ones.
Me: No thank you, I am driving.
Waitress: Are you sure? You just want ice tea and pasta?
Me: And dessert too, I had a lighter meal before I came. Thank you though.

Waitress to other guests: Would you like a dinner salad with your steak?
Guest: No thank you.
Waitress: Are you sure? It really is just steak on a plate, that is it.
Guest: No thank you, I am not a fan of salad.
Waitress: Would you like another side then? What about bread?
Guest: No thank you. I just ate some bread with our appetizer.
Waitress: You sure? Really? Our sides complement that dish well.
Guest: Um, I am good.
Waitress: Okay, last chance. You sure? I promise you it is really good. If you say yes, I won't ask again.
Guest: Fine. I will get a side of garlic french fries with that.
Waitress: Seems like green isn't a very popular color at this table.

It went on and on like this with every guest. Lets just say it took a while to order and it was a bit much.

Despite that, our food was excellent. I can see why she wanted us to order sides though, the portion was kind of small. Dessert was phenomenal, esp. the choc souffle with ice cream.

Only gripe was that when I went to the ladies room I over heard our server talking to another waitress about how our table should just.stay home if half our table planned on ordering just ice tea, pasta and dessert. Excuse me? Last time I checked, I can order what I wish, when I wish. We had just eaten and wanted to introduce new clientele to your establishment. Save the gossip for later, outside of the earshot of your customers.

We tipped the waitress over 20% on our bill and left. Overall, a good experience but I would recommend changing a few things. I will probably be back.

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If only I could be a member..... Maybe one day?  Oh if dreams could come true.

I have to say that this club is really gorgeous.  

My grand experience started as soon as we pulled up and unloaded the car with our clubs.  The friendly staff greeted us properly and was extremely helpful.  I needed to go to the ladies room to powder up before our tee time.  He graciously directly me.  

I've been to other clubhouse bathrooms and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they really take pride and keep their establishment clean granted it isn't brand new and modern but well maintained and sanitary.  Plus they had every type of toiletry you could possible need.  They were well stocked and I was overwhelmed with excitement.   I have yet to see a modern contemporary style clubhouse I don't know why.  Does golf clubhouses all have to have that old 70's feel?  Why can't they be more modern sleek and contemporary?  LOL, but that's another story.  

We were a little early so we had to wait for our other golfing buddies and decided to loosen up and hit some balls.  The driving range was great too.  

Now onto the golf course; the first hole was my favorite.  The view was stunning but not my golf game. LOL However, the course was fun.  I had a blast.  The grounds are well kept and the maintenance crew was polite and friendly. I hope that I get an opportunity to golf there again.  If you ever get a chance to golf here DO IT then you too will experience an amazing time.

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