Metairie Country Club

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I'm not a member so who am I to review this place? But I'm a Yelp addict and an occasional guest at the Metairie Country Club so here we are.

This is large, beautiful facility with experienced, attentive staff. The meals I've enjoyed here have been without a doubt, outstanding. One was in the members' dining room, another was in one of their large banquet rooms, served as part of a meal.

The latter meal was especially memorable, a trout amandine with huge portions and cooked absolutely to perfection. Dessert was a decadent cheese cake, served with excellent coffee.

There is every reason to consider hosting an event at the MCC, and should your finances and lifestyle allow (mine does not and never will), join the club as well.

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I grew up going here, because my family are members.  They have amazing favorite gumbo in the city.  Great venue for special events.  Beautiful pool, golf course, and tennis facility

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