Metacomet Country Club

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Metacomet Country Club has certainly become a "gem" of a facility for any type of function, especially weddings and bridal showers.  I was fortunate to attend a wedding there last month and was extremely impressed with the service, the wait-staff, the food, the ambiance of the facility and the golf grounds, the location due to its proximity to Providence and many fine hotels, the pleasantness of all who you come in contact with.  The hour long cocktail party was handled with extreme professionalism, carefully coordinated and crafted by the Club Manager.    The food consisted of coconut encrusted shrimp, lamb dollops, scallops wrapped in bacon, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, extra - large shrimp with cocktail sauce, and an assortment of cheeses - more than enough to serve the crowd during the hour-long wait for the bride and groom.  Once we entered the ballroom the experience was like stepping into another world.  The graciousness of the wait-staff surrounded us, with every want being catered to and fulfilled.  The meal was excellent, if one had saved enough room for the dinner after the cocktails, and the wine selections were appropriate for the courses.  Picture taking outside with the golf course as a backdrop was superb - something that will be remembered for a lifetime for the bride and groom.  All in all I believe that the Metacomet has placed itself at the top of the list as a premier wedding and function facility in Rhode Island.

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The only reason I can even give Metacomet CC two stars is because the grounds are beautiful and scenic.  I recently went there for a wedding and upon entering was immediately herded, actually reprimanded,by the restaurant manager/owner fellow for not being far enough over to the left on the foyer because we might see the bride. Oh no, not that.  I was merely trying to say my hellos to family I haven't seen in a long time and wanted to make sure I did so before the festivities began.

Next was the bar and passed hors d'oeuvres, it was open bar for an hour for roughly 120 people, for which they had two harried waitresses trying to serve the very thirsty crowd and not nearly enough hors d'oeuvres to go around. Needless to say not everyone got served and the same man who was reprimanding at the beginning was at it again rudely removing people from the bar line who has been there the whole hour waiting and began interrupting people in the middle of conversation to again herd them for dinner which took about 1.5 hours to serve.  After we were seated, this man kept staring at us and walking by our table,making all of us very uncomfortable,like we were doing something wrong. All we may have done is step outside whilst waiting for dinner for a cigarette.
 Oh the dinner experience. Haha, well, the tables were not set properly, not everyone had the correct amount of forks for the 3 different courses we were served. So when the entrees arrived, we waited about another 5 minutes for a utensil,during which time I decided to pick up a green bean with my fingers and nibble it. Well doesn't the gestapo come over and proceed to reprimand me yet again. He said to me, "When I am home I eat with my fingers,but when we are here we eat with a fork." I was embarrassed and insulted. I sent my dinner back immediately with him and told him "Thank you,but I won't be needing that fork after all."
  I overheard other folks at the wedding voicing their discontent with the fellow as well. I do not recommend Metacomet for wedding reception. Maybe they have their act together for people who come for a round of golf and dinner,but as for that I cannot say. I have had better service at wedding at a Veterans hall and an Elks club,save your money and look else where!

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