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This review is for my wedding at MVGC. My wedding was held September 2014 and turned into a complete debacle.

The day of my wedding it was muggy, humid & hot. The temperature reached 90 and torrential downpours and thunder storms were forecasted. Let me first state I completely understand you cannot control the weather. However, in no way was MVGC prepared for the numerous events that occurred throughout the evening. MVGC LOST POWER FOR THE ENTIRE EVENING AND DID NOT HAVE A GENERATOR!

Below are the details of my day. Just for the record I am an over planner, ask way too many questions, worry about everything & anything type of person.

I specifically asked during my initial venue tour which entrance would guests use and how would they know. I was told there would be a coordinator directing them to the entrance. There was not one single representative from MVGC directing guest to the correct entrance. In fact, guests were entering the door that was supposed to be reserved for the bridesmaids & me! It was pouring buckets out, this is a GOLF club, but not one single umbrella was offered to arriving guests.

The ceremony was so complete chaos. First off it was delayed an hour & a half then the location kept changing.  The backup plan in case of rain is to move the ceremony inside and upstairs.  The room upstairs was way too hot since there was NO AC and one of the two doors to let air in was stuck shut. My ceremony finally took place on the deck and guest stood! There was no music or microphones for my ceremony!

During the delay of the ceremony we asked numerous times for door stoppers to let air in the bridal suite. I received nothing and ended up using chair ottomans we moved ourselves. The photographer asked numerous times for a towel to wipe down the deck so we could get some pictures in and again got nothing. The level of customer service was extremely poor. MVGC was clueless.

During cocktail hour two out of the four appetizers weren't passed to guests but no one was informed from the wedding party. We found out during the reception from our guests and it was embarrassing. Guests thought we had only ordered two passed seafood appetizers. We paid for open bar during cocktail hour but guests were not able to order mixed drinks. MVGC could not use soda guns at the bar due to the lack of power. They also refused to give out ice with water since they were preserving the ice for the reception! I still cannot understand for the life of me why MVGC wouldn't run to a supermarket whom I'm sure had generators to grab sodas & ice!

After we finished pictures the bridesmaids attempted to bustle my dress. The bridal suite was extremely dark. MVGC had ZERO flashlights and ONE single lantern. They could barely see. In addition guests were coming to the bridal suite unannounced. I looked outside and the door to the reception hall was wide open. I specifically asked when touring the venue if someone would be monitoring guests so they wouldn't make their way to the bridal suite and was told yes.

We ordered up lighting through our DJ and thank god we did. If we hadn't the whole reception hall would have been without lights. The bathrooms were pitch black! The bar was dark. The table with desserts was pitch black! We paid extra for the Italian desserts and they were barely touched since guests couldn't see them.
I cannot thank my DJ enough Andy from TSG weddings - If we didn't have him I wouldn't have had a wedding. He was prepared for the absolute worst and made my wedding conceivable. He had a generator and ran it off his OWN car all evening.  I get goose bumps when I think of what would have happened if I didn't book Andy from TSG.  MVGC had no backup plan and was completely incompetent throughout my wedding day. I was told numerous times by the Simply Elegant Catering they didn't own the building and there was nothing they could do. This is the last thing I wanted to hear from the "day of coordinator.

I can never have a do over of my wedding day. I spent months upon months planning every little detail.  I would not wish my disaster of a day on my worst enemy. It felt like everything I planned for & analyzed for months was thrown out the window. My whole day was disorganized and biggest fears.

I have yet to receive any sort of apology from MVGC after sending all the owners a detailed email of the events. The treatment I received is inexcusable. MVGC should have been overly accommodating & apologetic considering the unfavorable circumstances.

I would NEVER recommend this venue to future brides.  MVGC had NO plan B for power outages when they hold weddings weekly and we live in New England. I sincerely hope MVGC will establish a backup plan so this doesn't happen to any future brides. It is just extremely upsetting that I had to be the lesson learned.

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I always try to play a course a few times before I write a review. I consider myself a good player. Also someone that has played golf all over the world.  Let me start out by saying this course is a classic Donald Ross design. Beautiful layout, nice greens and tee boxes. Even the beer girls are super friendly. I would rate this course a solid 4 of 5 if it wasn't for the starter. You can call ahead and get a tee time for an afternoon/ twighlight round with no problem. It all changes as soon as you pay, the starter is barking commands at you before you can get to the cart. "You guys need to be in before 6:45" and "hurry up on the tee, there is other people teeing off in a few minutes". By the time you put your tee in the ground you feel like your being scolded by your kindergarten teacher. Would love to play here often, but the ranger has totally detured me from playing this course again.

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Let me start by saying that the course itself is OK.  The layout is a bit cramped, but it's nice if you happen to be walking.  It was not swampy or wet when I played there, though I could see how this would be the norm for this place.

My review is for the staff and other human beings at this course.  

From the moment I pulled up my car into their parking lot, it was one bizarre interaction after another.  

My friend and I decided to play on a Tuesday around 3pm--sounds like the place would be relatively empty right?  Wrong!  From the second we checked in, both the pro shop attendant and the starter acted like it was the biggest inconvenience that we set up a tee time in advance, showed up and paid to play there.  Strange, but we shrugged it off and went on our way.  

All went well on the front nine, but the back nine was so jam packed that you were waiting 15-20 minutes per hole.  What's worse, they were sending out people in twosomes left and right.  Being in a twosome ourselves, we offered to join up with another twosome ahead of us.  The gentleman's response to this was "I don't see a point to that".  The point is that we speed this up you dunce!  Shrugged it off once again, and continued to play.

After spending about an hour and a half playing three holes on the back, we decided to call it quits--the pace was just way too slow.  Here's the kicker.  I walk back to my parking lot, and see that one of my car tires was very clearly cut with a knife!! No cameras around of course.  I just got back from the shop where I had to shell out $500 to get two matching tires replaced.

This place and the people playing there--total trash.  Avoid.

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This place is nice.  The conditions are legit, when I went it was pretty dry and not flooded like usual.  It's like a bowl with a swamp at the bottom so I have to ask, what do you expect?  

But the holes are confusing, I agree.  I like the clubhouse, but the people are jackasses that work there.  They wouldn't let me play and said there was a tournament going on.  I said "ummm, my friends are all out there...and they aren't even playing the tourney"  They said "oh okay...well fine" I said okay can i get a cart, they said no.  A lady felt bad and gave me her cart.  They accepted that because they were on the spot.

Ha ha, now you can't even charge me tools.  It was still friggin 30 bucks, twighlight. You gotta be kidding me...

Whatever, I played a really good round, it was a beautiful day and a nice course.  

But wow, the hole warden is a dink, we rode our cart accidentally down a par 3 fairway, which didn't seem like a par 3, it was long. So, having never played there we didn't know.  the guy runs up and yells "HEY!!! WANT TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU'RE ON THE FAIRWAY!!!!???" I told him I didn't appreciate the way he was talking to me, and that I had never played there before. He said "Well now you know don't do it again".  He then proceeded to follow ONLY US in a crowded course for 5 holes.  I finally got fed up and asked him if he'd like for me to speak to the manager about his harassment.  He then left.

All in all, it was a good round and we had fun, the course was nice and had good conditions.  I enjoyed it, but the people there are owners worst enemies.  

Even the players.  I don't like golfers that act hoighty toighty because you're young, and they are rich and decked out with the best stuff.  

That's why it's fun to pair up and beat them, as they get frustrated, realizing that spending 4,000 on clubs doesn't make you better.  They think because you're young, you don't play and enjoy golf and you can't possibly be anything but a punk.

That's how the golfers here are.  The place acts like it's members only.

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Went golfing at Merrimack with a friend that moved to Boston recently. We both are average golfers trying to improve upon every round playing, so the course is challenging for the both of us.

The course is well taken care of with all the greens and tee boxes looking sharp. The water and lack of woody area around the course help you loose balls if you aren't a very good golfer. As you stand on the 1st tee, it is a great view of the entire course underneath you.

I read through the other reviews for Merrimack and even though I could understand why people would say the holes are crammed together, I'm not sure what they are expecting. Merrimack is legit course with a round of beautiful 18 holes. When I visit Boston again, I will definitely try to convince my friend to play Merrimack again.

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