Merced Golf & Country Club

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The Club is very beautiful,  My daughter who is on the high school golf team loves to practice here. The staff has always been really nice to us both and I have even tried some of the great eggs Benedict that is served from the kitchen. My 3 sons are next in line to be playing here :-)

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If you like to play golf in the Merced area, Merced Golf & Country Club is a great place. The course is the best in the area and the people are top notch, from the pro to the guys your gonna take money from. Come out and enjoy golf the way it was meant to be. . .3&  1/2 hours and drinks on the porch. See you there!

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The course is in excellent shape especially the greens.  It is an older course, but with a good variety of holes.  I really like the back nine as it has three par 3s, three par 4s and three par 5s, which is a little different than most courses.  Service in the pro shop and clubhouse/bar was excellent.  Practice facilities included a range, short chipping range including sand trap and putting green; so you can work on any part of your games.  They even have a pool table, so you can grab a beer and play some "billiards".  The members were welcoming and friendly.  If you can get on this course it is certainly worth it.  Better yet, if you live in the area they have lots of special deals  for young players, young families, or folks that only play a couple of times a month.

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This Yelp will be solely based on Golf and not cover the other amenities the club offers.

Despite it being a "members only" club I was able to play with a member as a visitor so I'm hoping you'll be able to pair up with a member just as I did.

Course: Well cared for and built for long narrow drives. Each fairway was generally straight but with trees lining each side it makes it easy to put yourself in a pickle if you can't keep a straight drive. If you're not a power driver then skilled placement with 3 to 4 shots will allow you to get to the green within Par. The trick is sinking your putt on the first attempt if you expect to Par or Bogey (1 over Par).

Greens: Good sized and well kept, both the greens and the surrounding apron. Greens have a moderate speed and varied from subtle to moderate sized breaks.  

Practice Range: Narrow in width but otherwise a fantastic practice range. The balls stacked and waiting for players to warm up before hitting the course. I especially appreciated the distance markers being made of thick colored poles verses tattered and/or faded flags making them clearly seen.

Short Game and Putting Green Practice: Same as range, excellent.

Service: Good but with the heat of Merced we could've really used a beer cart or better water stops. The one water stop that had a fountain, cups and ice was a lifesaver.

Overall: Great course but not to belabor a point...well OK belabor a little. When playing in 110+ heat there needs better water stops or regular drink cart roaming the course. For that reason alone I'm giving it a 4 Star verse 5.

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We had our wedding reception here and were helped by Bernadette, the manager. She was so helpful and answered all of our many questions. The setup was done with ease with the help from additional staff.  Everyone put our needs above everything else. I truly felt special on my wedding day. To top it off, the dinner was delicious! We got many compliments from our friends and family too. I highly recommend for any special event.

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