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When you think of country clubs what images pop into your mind? Wasps in goofy-ass outfits? Old codgers complaining about taxes on "job creators"? Thankfully, this doesn't really hold true for Mendakota.

Undoubtedly there will always be the faint whiff of classism whenever one enters the hallowed halls of one of these institutions. It just comes with the territory. It's also infectious; one will feel pulled into the atmosphere, and, if one isn't careful, comments about the unwashed masses (non-members) will begin to roll of the tongue.

All jokes aside, Mendakota is a really nice club, with beautifully maintained grounds and a clubhouse that feels comfortable and welcoming. Best of all, it feels somewhat down to earth. While everything appears to be nicely kept up, nothing is too grandiose or opulent. There is a well-stocked club house and a restaurant/bar that features pretty dang good food. Also, the staff is nice and casual. They get you what they need but there are no pernicious gazes cast your way if you haven't donned a turtle-neck or flashed a gold money clip before coming onto the grounds.

What is the most illuminating thing about the club's ethos however is their events. The Fourth of July party for example (which is what spawned this review) was well organized, featured good food, was staffed by attentive waiters, and culminated with one hell of a fireworks show.

These attributes are probably not all that unique. However, the way that Mendakota opened up its club to its members and its members' kids was neat. Not only were there games available, but it felt as though the club was open for exploration. Kids could be seen jumping into one of the sand traps near the clubhouse while older people took strolls around the lake.

It was a great event, and will be a nice memory for my family and I. And, while I am not a member here, nor am I an avid golfer, Mendakota seems like a nice,  relaxed choice for someone who loves to consistently get out on the links!

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Great golf course and clubhouse! I had never been out there and was shocked how good it is. Course should be much higher ranked than it is for sure.  Greens were just perfect and course is more difficult than a lot of old school country clubs.  Love that.

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I am not a member here.  I do not golf.  I come to Mendakota two to four times a year with my mother-in-law and my wife's side of the family for holiday occasions such as Breakfast with Santa or their Easter Brunch.  All occasions are buffets. My kids love the Easter Brunch as there are usually baby animals in back which they can hold.  They also love the Breakfast with Santa for Santa (of course) and also the puppet show.  (I have seen that freaking show now for what seems like 6,000 years in a row, and I want to claw my eyes out and pierce my eardrums with icepicks every time I have to watch it...but I do, 'cuz the kids think it is great.)  The food is pretty decent, though I wish they put a little more effort into family friendly food for the events, which is the reason for the three star rating.

You see, IMHO, when you are hosting either one of these two events, you are aiming for a family audience.  Families usually include people who are smaller.  And who have less sophisticated pallets.   So, while I think the one concession that is made to kids is nice (pancakes and waffles), a little more effort could be made here.  The waffles could be made out of those do-it-yourself waffle makers.  You could have someone making fancy waffles instead of omelets.  (That guy is NEVER busy.)  You could try to make the waffles have the consistency of waffles, instead of the consistency of pancakes.  You could have ONE other kid-friendly food item (besides the doughnuts and muffins) about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich bar?  Or a wider, more kid-friendly selection of cereals?  Like, something that has a leprechaun or a rabbit or some other animal (or insect) as a mascot?  What about blueberry or banana pancakes?  I don't know,  something.  They will eat sausage, and fruit.  But it is the same for them every time, whereas for me, there is some more variety.

Also, try being nicer to the kids.  I know, they are messy, and they don't spend alot of money, and they can be annoying, but a smile or a hello goes a long way to making them - and their parents - feel welcome.

Please, no matter what though, always have eggs Benedict however.  It is delicious, don't ever change.

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One of the best places in the Twin Cities to play golf, socialize and eat. I've been a member at Mendakota for Three years and would highly recommend joining this premier private club located 5 minutes from downtown St Paul or 15 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis.

Contact me if you would like an opportunity to checkout the golfing facilities or play a round of golf this summer.

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