Memorial Park Golf Course

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Hmmmm where should I start? For starters, this place can get extremely crowded at the obvious times so don't plan on walking on unless you go solo or only want to play 7 holes before sun down. Just make your tee time online and plan accordingly.  The best days to play are early in the week and at early times.  Same goes for the range; expect a wait during rush hour.  There are a lot of high school kids that crowd up the place in the afternoon.  

Practice facilities: The range is nice and spacious.  Only downside is you have to hit off mats and rubber tees.  They have plenty of targets out there to work on distances.  If you hit the long ball they might tell you to put the driver away.  I have hit it over the net a few times and was told to stop. I can't help it! Putting greens are nice and chipping area works for me. They have a trap to practice out of.  

Course:  I love the layout!  This is what keeps me coming back. They can make it really tough and also really easy. Expect to wait on all the par 3s.

Staff: I have met some very friendly staff and also some real a-holes.  I go to this course once a week and they treat me as if I've never played. The starter also accused me of stealing!! Yes can you believe it. Right before I teed off on #1.  That's a big no no. I have everything a golfer could want. Why would I steal.  He also accused me of breaking the 90 rule on every hole once when I was -2 thru 9. I know better and why was he following me on every hole??? Maintenance crew does a great job.

Beck's Prime:  hot dog is killer and so are the sandwiches.  Great place to chill and get normal food at a public course. Can be a bit over priced but to each is own.

Only reason I give it a three is because some of the staff can be rude and accusing me of stealing is an awful thing to do.  He did come up a few holes later to tell me he had the wrong guy.  It was a "different" black guy!

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Really nice driving range. I like that it has a cover. You play on fake grass and there is a permenant tee so this is a good place to work on techniques and consistency.

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