Melrose Golf Course

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Exceptional Jack Nicklaus design, the moment you step onto this course you know it's going to be a special day no matter what the final results are posted on your score card. We were fortunate to play on a day where there wasn't any pressure to rush, the tee times were far enough apart that we really never saw but one group ahead of us and the play was perfect so we never came close to them. The course was in great shape and showed very little play the greens were well maintained and ran true through the entire round.

The only distraction here is the beauty of the surroundings. I would highly recommend scheduling some time to play this course it is a much different pace than most of the Hilton Head courses you actually feel like you're on some remote island much further away from the mainland. the short ferry ride allows you to relax and prepare for a day of enjoyable golf. The entire staff is first rate and they work hard to ensure your day with them is never disappointing. The course is somewhat challenging but fair and if you manage your shots you can shoot a good score. Don't get distracted when on the ocean side by the beauty of this place it may cost you a few strokes.

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If you can not get into a higher level of golf emotion, gearing up for your tee time on Hilton Head, the water taxi ($40) to Dafuskie Island's Melrose course will set the stage. I have driven 3 hours 1 way for a round, I have slept in my car overnight for a tee time (Many times at Beth Page BLACK), played in the rain, snow, you name it, I am a trooper. But this experience was totally opposite of roughing the inadequate sleep conditions and braving harsh conditions for a game of small ball. This was euphoria transportation to the teeing grounds designed by the great Jack Nicholas himself and once I stepped on the practice range, I was just taken by the beauty and knew the golf gods were looking down on me this day. Jumping ahead, my score did not reflect the grace of the golf gods and normally when I pull a higher than expected number, I am not thrilled and will pout a while. Its just not possible here, there is way to much beauty abound and it is one of the most quite places I have been to, just realizing that makes the point of just how still, minus the Spanish Moss, swaying from the love oaks, really is.
The course is spectacular and is worth every cent of the $80.00 to play and I really do not play into the aesthetics of a course, in general, as my Lists on YELP do show. **Follow my golf reviews if you like my writing, or friend me and tell me to give it up**
Do not plan your Hilton Head golf trip without making certain that you can work Melrose into the schedule! It really is that good.

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