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Great cheap place to learn how to play or improve your short game.  Been a handful of times and it's usually pretty empty so pace isn't a big factor so you can take your time to practice.  You can only work on your short iron/wedge game cause the holes aren't that long and the greens are terrible.  The greens might even make your putting game worse.  The grass is very subpar everywhere with mostly st. augustine but it's not bad for iron play.
The place is very chill though.  No dress code, BYOB, walk only, no tee times.  Can easily play all 18 in 2 hours.  Nice relaxing place to play with some friends if they aren't snobs about course quality.  Only thing that worries me is that the place is in the sketchy area and one time the grounds keep worker washed my car while i played and haggled me for money when I left.

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For the price, this place is unbeatable. This course, with its par 3 holes, is best for irons and wedges. If your short game needs help, this is the place to go! Driving range isnt that bad either...dont let the location bother you!

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This is by far the best golf value in Houston!  When a round of golf only costs you $10 ($12 for the weekend), how can you go wrong.  Keep in mind, this is a par 3 course - which in some aspects is good.  You can knock out a round in no time.  They also have the place lit for golfing at night - that is pretty cool.

Keep in mind that this is a municipal course and it is about like playing golf in your back yard.  The grass is of one species - just cut really short on the greens.  I am not sure that they even have an irrigation system - so you will see a lot of dry patches.  Make sure you wear some comfortable golf shoes, because you will be walking.  They only have pull carts ($3 per cart) available - no golf carts.  Also, as mentioned in previous reviews - they do not sell beer in the "club house."  If you want to drink, it's BYOB.

Even with all the above mentioned, it is definitely worth the money to go out there, wander through one of Houston's "premier" neighborhoods, and play a round.  Last time I played here there was only one other pair playing the course - very rare at any course on a Friday afternoon.

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I just started golfing in 2010 and seen Melrose when I drove by the area. For $12 its a good price when your learning how to play and you don't want to pay top dollar for the fancy courses. The greens are not the greatest they could use some cleaning however it is a good place to practice on your short game. The only clubs need are your 9, 8, for the13th which is the longest hole, Pitch, and putter. Plus BYOB you can't beat that, take some friends with you and walking the course isn't a big deal. I recommend this place for all beginners or for anyone who doesn't feel like paying high prices.

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I am a beginner golfer. Been to the driving range a handful of times, and to a par 5 golf course once, so I jumped at the chance to play at this par 3 course. You truly get the best bang for your buck, while giving yourself the opportunity to improve your short game. We paid $12 for 18 holes of golf that lasted about 2.5-3 hours, depending on how fast you want to play. Compared to the typical range, you pay $10 for a bucket of balls.

The longest to the greens is about 130 yards, while others typically average 80-110 yards to the greens. The greens aren't in tip top shape and it can be frustrating if you want to practice on your putting. Otherwise, Melrose is great for your short game, chipping, and working on strategic shots. They don't offer golf carts, so be prepared to walk and get a work out. BYOB is also great. Beer makes any activity just that much better! Another interesting tidbit, I heard from a friend Melrose is under new management, so they are trying to improve the overall course. I will be back for further updates if this is true!

Overall, for the price, you really can't beat Melrose. After discovering Melrose, I highly doubt I will be back at driving range anytime soon! I am all about getting the best bang for your buck and you won't be disappointed.

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