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I have been a member of a Medinah for 25 years and think it is 5* all the way.  Course #3 is and has been for years the number one rated course in Illinois.  The Doak redesigned  course #1 will  give it some competition.  It just opened a week ago to numerous great reviews.  

Then the recent Ryder Cup tournament at Medinah was executed perfectly.  For those of you that are not familiar with the Ryder Cup Tournament, it is the number one golf tournament in the world.  The  USA all stars play the European all stars every other year.  The course was in perfect shape.  The crowds set records. The only negative was the USA lost.

Got the biggest kick out of the 2 reviews that were not 5* by individuals that don't play golf.  Why a non golfer would review Medinah is beyond me.  At times, the food has been less than 5* but in my eyes that would not be enough to not give the experience any thing but 5*'s.  By the way, the chef we have now is 5*.

Looking forward to seeing you at Medinah!

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I am not a golfer by any means. I stop keeping score after the third hole because once I realize that I am still as pathetic as my last outing, I just give up. It would not make any sense at all for me to pay to be a member. Maybe if I was a billionaire and wanted to improve my golf game.

I did have the opportunity to attend a wedding here recently and was able to see the place close up and personal. The buildings and the grounds were remarkably well kept. I will give them a lot of credit. It must have taken a lot of work to keep it's condition in such a stellar manner.

On the flip side, the ornate decor and the pristine condition kind of led to a cold, sterile environment. That is the best way I can describe it. I almost felt out of place here because of it. Although very beautiful, the atmosphere was not really my cup of tea.

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Wow is all I can say about this country club. Came here for the Ryder Cup Golf tournament back in September and this country club is one of the nicest that I have been to in the midwest. I still don't think any other country club can beat Pebble Beach country club in California but for the midwest, Medinah will do. Everyone that works here was so friendly and always happy to help. Definitely want to come back here to play a round of golf very soon!

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Beautiful course :)  I was lucky to enjoy it during the Ryder's Cup.  Parking was a bit rough and with the parking lot tag I had, they never really allowed me to park where my number was assigned too.  Otherwise I had a blast!

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Great club.  Always have fun out there!  Ryder Cup will be amazing.

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