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I recently got married overseas, so my in-laws wanted to have a wedding reception for my husband and I in the states for those people who were unable to attend our ceremony.  They choose the Medina country club because it's really close by to where they live, and they liked the large windows and the openness of the room that wasn't part of the room at other venues they were looking at.

I really wasn't expecting too much food wise because it is a country club.  This kind of food is usually bland.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and quality of the food.  Sadly I missed the appetizers because I was very late due to my hair appointment being canceled (see my review on Regis in Fairlawn, Ohio), but I heard they were good.  The salad was composed of nice leafy greens (no iceberg), and fresh veggies.  The chicken kiev was lightly bread, and cooked perfectly with a moist juicy cheesy inside.  The broccoli was cooked just right.  Unfortunately, the red potatoes were a little undercooked, but that was the only thing that wasn't so good.

The bar was a standard bar.  It was nothing fancy, but the bartender knew most of the drinks we asked for.  It sounds silly, but I've been to many places where the bartender didn't know how to make a standard cocktail.

The tables were nicely arranged and everything there went really smoothy.  I would use them for an event again.

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