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Went here when I first started playing golf a year ago and they put me and my friend with two teenagers just to harass the 4 of us about playing slow. Tried it again a year later after I was playing much better (consistently under 100) and the experience was no better. First of all we were told that we had to stay on the cart path because it had rained the night before, I asked if we could drive on the grass if we agreed to drive at 90 degree angles and was told absolutely not (ridicules policy). While we were playing and easily two holes in front of the group of "5" in back of us the ranger seemed to be at every hole just to make sure that we were on the  cart path which made the whole experience very uncomfortable. The course was very confusing because you couldn't tell where the fairways ended and began on several holes. Do yourself a favor and avoid this very unfriendly and confusing course, I play twice a week and their are much better choice in the area.

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Wow I have never been so disgusted with a course in my life.  The experience might have been as bad had it not been for the fellow at the desk.  He was rude and acted if I was bothering him by checking in for my tee time.  I would have turned around and walked right out had I not purchased a groupon for this so called golf course.  First of all, I called and called and called to try and book a tee time but nobody was answering the phone.  I finally got fed up with getting an answering maching and booked a tee time through THEIR website which in turn booked it through golfnow.  When I went to check in, first off the fellow didn't even greet me, snatched the groupon and tolf me too bad I can't use that because I booked through golfnow.  I explained to him that the only reason I booked through them was because it was through THEIR website.  He kept tell me it's not his problem he wasn't the one not answering the phone.  He finally agreed to except the voucher for the round of golf that I had already paid for and did not say another word to me.  I asked him about a key for the cart and he stated, againg with an attitude, that their already in the cart and rolled his eyes.  The course itself was fair at best, but with this kind of staff I would advise any golfer to stay far, far away from this place.  Don't waste your money to play at a place where they treat you like garbage.  I golf 2-3 times per week during the summer months and have never in my life been treated like this at a course.  Don't waste your time or money here.....Go to George Dunne instead, much friendlier and dont' treat you like a piece of dirt.

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The chili is really quite good. Simple, friendly, and Pinochle for the Seniors on Tuesdays!

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