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Lived in the cities for over 5 years now and never have had a good experience at this course (only played a few times). The bottom line is that this course is poorly maintained and the hospitality is terrible.

We just played this last weekend with some friends and were okayed a 5some, but then were told to split up when we checked in. We immediately caught the groups in front of us and decided to just play a 5some (with approval from the group behind). The ranger followed us on 7 of the 9 holes we played and was very rude. Needless to say I will not be going back to this dog track and wouldn't recommend those that enjoy having a good time golfing to make a tee time here as well.

You can find far nicer and more accommodating courses than Meadowbrook!

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My experience on different courses is not massive so you'll have to keep that in mind. This is a relatively challenging golf course. As the other reviews noted, there are quite a few hills and blind shots. While I have golfed this course enough times to have a feel for things, it did take me some time to grasp where to aim on the various blind shots. Many of the greens are pretty challenging as well thanks to the hill they lie on top of.

The people working in the clubhouse are nice people. Very friendly and helpful when needed. The grounds crew can be occasionally rude in that some of them do not pause while somebody is taking their shot nearby. Some do, some don't. But I wouldn't say they are a huge problem.

The course condition has been average in my experience. There are one or two holes in which the green isn't in the best shape. But the fairway and greens are pretty well kept. As was noted in another review, a big issue I have is they don't keep the rough at a manageable length. I've lost balls on this course that were barely in the rough and its because they do not cut the rough down enough. I understand you want to punish the golfer for not keeping it in the fairway but I don't expect to lose my ball too. I should be able to locate a ball barely in the rough without much of a problem. But it can be an adventure at times at Meadowbrook. There should be a happy medium there when it comes to the length of the rough.

I have generally only played during weekday afternoons and it usually isn't too crowded. On Wednesdays this spring (2012), there is large group of guys that get together and play this course. They seem to make up around 4 foursomes and they play VERY slow. So I'd recommend getting off the tee before they do (they seem to go out around 12:30).

A decent place to play golf. There are better options around the metro area but this isn't a bad one.

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I agree with Derek's impression of Meadowbrook.  Nearly every hole requires blind shots, so the course was pretty difficult.  We also were confused by the yardage markers, finding two blue markers on the same course in two totally different spots along the fairway.  Traffic noise is definitely present, though I'm not sure you can expect less for a course located off Excelsior Blvd and across from a hospital.  Finally, my skill level prevents me from spending much time on the nicely groomed fairway, and while they shouldn't be expected to cater to bad aim, the grass and foliage just off the fairway was often very long and difficult to find your ball.  I think I lost 4 balls this way playing just 9 holes last night.  Again, maybe unfair to criticize them based on my poor playing, but I think it isn't totally unreasonable to ask that a few feet on either side be kept up a little better.    

Perhaps a good example of the adage "You get what you pay for" as this course is definitely affordable.   Nevertheless, I think Theodore Wirth Park costs the same amount and is a much more enjoyable and well kept course.  On the bright side, this course is conveniently located and central to first tier suburban golfers who want to get in some golf without driving more than a few miles.

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I originally made a tee time at Meadowbrook because I had heard good things about this course. I must say I was seriously disappointed. I just moved up to the cities from Chicago and I'm not sure if people here have different expectations for public courses or I just caught Meadowbrook on a bad day.

First off, people were extremely rude. Both players and grounds crew employees had no consideration for anyone teeing off or putting. Making it even more annoying was that you could hear a lot of traffic from 100 on many of the holes.

Second, this course is extremely difficult to play without prior knowledge of hole layouts. On at least 12 of the 18 holes blind shots are required due to elevated greens. It was frustrating to hit seemingly great shots that in fact put you into trouble because you could never see where you should be aiming. Also the yardage markers seemed extremely off. Maybe this was due to the 25-50 yd vertical elevation differences on every hole.

Third, the course condition was poor. In the pro-shop we heard that the course was in great shape but on the course the fairways were chewed up, sand traps weren't raked and no one seemed to repair any ball marks on any hole.

I've golfed the University of Minnesota course as well and it blew Meadowbrook out of the water. By no means am I a snobby golfer(I'm only 28 and can't afford to be) but I do appreciate other players who respect the course and the game. Meadowbrook is for the sleeveless t-shirt sort of golfer, seriously though I saw three of them.

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