Meadowbrook Country Club

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Management doesn't seem to have a clue at times, members can be really rude and entitled, I feel terrible for the staff, If you are looking to join a club avoid this one

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Due to the sponsorship of a member, I was given the privilege of holding our wedding here.  The venue is one of the loveliest imaginable.  The event was handled very professionally. The food was terrific.  The wedding party was allowed to take golf carts and have photographs done on the golf course.  I'm the one who paid the bill and I was thrilled to make out that check--not something I'm usually inclined to state.  My daughter, my wife and many guests commented that whole event was beautiful.  Thank you, Meadowbrook for an unforgettable part of our family's history.

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I attended an event at Meadowbrook Country Club. At first glance, the decor and appointments are elegant. The trim is dark wood and the architecture is classic. The bar area is beautiful and the two library spaces are fantastic. The fireplace makes the space feel grand.

The unique vaulted ceiling in the ballroom is breathtaking although it reminds you of a '70's sci-fi movie. Upon closer inspection, the age of the building becomes apparent. The carpet is dated and many of the chairs need to be repaired/recovered.

Prior to dinner, we mingled in the lobby for the cocktail hour. Although not a lot of people had drinks. At $7.00 for a well drink, (after the $50.00 event ticket), I wasn't interested in spending too much time at the bar.  

They don't offer centerpieces which causes the tables to look barren. The food was bland and I heard several complaints from others. The chicken was suppose to be wrapped in a pastry dough. The dough was undercooked and slid off the meat.  The green beans were crisp but lacked flavor. The dessert was delicious.

The staff was very friendly and cautious. The served well, kept the water glasses full and cleared the tables correctly.

I've been to many events in locations that were in better shape and with better food. And that included open bar. Overall, I was disappointed with Meadowbrook Country Club.

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