Meadow Lakes Golf & Country Club

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No bugs, no bogeys and putting under the Midnight Sun.
Well, maybe the no bugs and bogeys, but this is one of the coolest places on earth to golf at midnight.
It is actually a pretty challenging course too. Lots of water, and a hell of a hill to tee off from on the third. Hole five is also pretty cool as you drive with a good view of the Alaska Highway and the southern mountains off in the distance. Just don't slice it to much or you may cause some windshield damage.
The clubhouse is like a big log cabin and serves up the usual golf fare. Try the Yukon beer and spill some for all those mosquitoes you killed.
Oh, and the best place to find rogue balls is along the south boundary next to the highway (hole five). Just duck and run... and mind the creek, I have gotten a few soakers in my attempts.

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