Meadow Hills Golf Course

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Ethan is clueless. Meadow Hills is a classic mature course. Most fairways are lined with large mature trees that provide much of the challenge of this course. The course and greens are in great shape. This course provides an excellent test of a golfers skills, at times you will need to be able to shape your shots both ways and hit the ball high and low.

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I've played this course about a dozen times, now and its ok...

Just ok...

The mature tress are nice and the layout does what it can considering its residential surroundings.

I think the staff take the course a tad bit more seriously than they should, but most staffs do.

It is usually well maintained, which deserves credit... It just doesn't leave you rushing back for more...

It's more of a: well, I haven't been there for a while, option.

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This course sucks. I can't believe I saw I had given this place 3 stars at first. I'm embarrassed I did that. Well, I'll make up for it know. The course is in crappy shape, horribly designed, and maybe the worst course in the Denver area. I mean #11 has got to be the worst Par 4 in Colorado. They apparently had to re-design it a couple decades ago to make room for the driving range... I'm pretty sure they'd have been better off building the range, tossing the idea of the current 11th hole, and making a 17 hole golf course instead. About the only good thing I have to say about this place is that the staff is pretty friendly. Other than that, I have no desire to play golf at this course ever again.

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I have to give this one a 5 star rating, it is an old course with mature trees and a fun layout.  From what I understand MH use to be a private golf course and it has that feeling, a lot like the courses in the mid-west that were designed by the old masters. MH is not a long course but the only way you can score well is with well placed tee shots. If not, you have some tree trouble. Several dog-legs require an accurate tee shot to a specific length off the tee in order to have a clear shot at the green. Some long par 3's on this one, with the longest measuring some 230 yards. An interesting set of finishing holes that takes you back into a condominium  area where an errant tee shot can rattle off a roof (which one of my playing partners did, causing the owner to run out and look for damage, fortunately there was none) anyway that is what you get for purchasing a property that is within 10 yards of a golf course.

Meadow Hills is a complex that includes tennis courts, a swimming pool and buildings used for meetings (a true old country club). The day I was there every area was being fully used. The pro shop is well stocked and the personnel are friendly and helpful.

Green fees are very reasonable, especially if you are an Aurora resident.  All in all, a course I will certainly visit again and again.

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