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Our daughter was married at the Meadow Club earlier this month. It was absolutely wonderful--the outdoor setting for the ceremony was beautiful, dinner reception was just lovely, everyone commented on the delicious food. The service was excellent, the management very easy to work with.

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I've had a few people email me so here is an update on my wedding at Meadow Club in 2010:  

We really liked the Meadow Club and would recommend it!  I felt it was best venue of all the places I looked at in Marin as they let you go until 1130 pm and the views were great.   Ceremony out on the lawn was beautiful with a view of the back of mt Tam. Indoor space was also lovely and unique.  Food was fantastic. Only thing that was a negative was it was a high corking fee to bring in any of your own alcohol so I used there's, which was fine.  I also didn't love Raymond the coordinator while we were planning (he was a little unresponsive at times) but when it came to the actual wedding day, he was actually really organized and quite good. Ultimately,  it worked great for us without breaking the bank as the rental fee was minimal (at least in 2010).

We had 115  guests (though the venue could certainly handle more).  We did just a DJ (DJ Jeremey who was great!).  There was plenty of space to dance.  After the cocktail our, we told them to close off the main bar at the Meadow Club and had them set up a bar in the main hall/dance room as I didn't want people leaving the main room and it feeling empty.  That worked out great.  We used Marin Airporter for buses and they made it up the hills just fine.

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Was a lucky man when I was invited to tee it up at the Meadow Club in Marin County.  I was invited to play in a Monday Tournament, and it was a scorching hot July afternoon.  The drive was long, the directions bad, but it didn't matter - I was about to play one of the most prestigious golf courses in the North Bay.

The clubhouse looked brand new - it had a "modern log cabin" design.  Inside the clubhouse was gorgeous. We checked in at the pro shop, where I bought a logo ball for my collection.  

The course is pristine.  No blemishes, well manicured, and tricky.  It is not all that hilly, considering you are on top of a mountain.  But it is narrow with an abundance of trees, bunkers and creeks.

I loved it - if you are ever invited to play there.  I definitely suggest you do it.  It is fantastic!

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Well, I've only had the privilege of teeing it up at the Meadow Club once, but wow, did it make a good impression on me.

The course is in an unbelievably gorgeous and idyllic setting tucked on the north slope of Mt. Tamalpias.  It is naturally carved into the canyons and hills, weaving around hundreds of centuries-old oak trees.

[edit: i stand corrected.  the trees are evidently old in spirit, if not in reality]

The vibe at this exclusive club is incredibly low-key.  I practically saw no staff, as they try to be invisible.  It is quiet, pristine, and simple -- it's about the golf.

Please, guys, invite me back.  It's a schlepp to get there (at the end of a long and sordid road) but boy is the journey worth it.

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