McCabe Golf Course

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A good city owned course.  The tee boxes need a lot of work, and the fairways could be in better shape.  But all in all, it's a good value and each of the three nines are very playable.

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This place is one of the better public courses in the area. A great place to play or practice, they offer 8-12 dollar driving range packages. They also have a practice sand trap, chipping green, and putting green on the opposite side of the clubhouse from the driving range. Call ahead because this place packs up especially on the weekend. They offer hot sandwiches, beer, and snacks in the clubhouse. This place is packed with bad golfers so it is apparent you will get many many fore calls with a thought in your brain as to "where was he/she aiming."

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I'm a big fan of this course for a couple reasons:

1. I'm not good enough of a golfer to be overly critical of the minor details.
2. It's very reasonably priced for the experience you get.
3. It is very well-kept for a public course, and the scenery is really nice.
4. It's a nice combination of open layout with some fairly challenging holes mixed in.

The only negative experience from my first time playing here was in the realm of what you'd expect on a very reasonably priced public course: more than once the open layout aided inexperienced golfers to drive their carts into our line while we teed off...we almost hit an unsuspecting cart driver who, in chasing an errant tee shot from another hole onto our fairway, drove right into the flight path of our tee shot without checking to see if we were hitting. Isolated incident and certainly not enough to discourage me from coming back.

I'll definitely be back!

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Pretty decent course with a reasonable price.  Plays open like a links course would.  I have had a few good experiences here and one horrible due to the rangers not taking actions.  Overall good times though.

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I've been playing at McCabe for two years now, so it's high time I got around to writing a review.  

Layout:  Easily played course.  There is almost no water, few fairway bunkers, and the rough is kept fairly short.  Shouldn't be a challenge for a mid-handicapper.  That said, there are some challenging shots, and some of the greens have multiple tiers and tricky slopes.

Condition: This is a Nashville Muni course, and in spite of that, it's usually in pretty good repair.  They do a good job keeping the tee boxes, fairways, and greens in decent order.  

Extras:  No driving range, which is a pretty big drag.  There is a decent putting green, and a chipping green as well.  These tend to get pretty crowded on the weekend, but I suppose it's better than nothing.  

Fees/Service:  The fees are still pretty reasonable to walk, but with the new carts the course purchased in the past year, it's become very expensive to ride.  $25 to walk 18, and over $38 to ride.  I know that the course is using the carts as a profit-leader, but this is a bit stiff.  When you consider that carts should be required- considering how many groups they push through on a busy day- it seems like price-gouging.

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